New Additions: Wardrobe Essentials

So, with autumn creeping up on us and being one of my favourite seasons to dress for; I saw this as an excuse to buy some new things!

If I say its a wardrobe essential, or a key piece that will ‘go with everything’; then it makes me feel slightly less guilty about purchasing it!

Red Check Scarf

The main reason I love dressing for autumn is because I love layering and accessorising outfits; I think its so much fun adding a nice scarf or layering a slouchy jumper over t-shirts and the overall simplicity of autumn dressing. I’m also obsessed with any type of black boot and autumn is the perfect time to wear them!

The Perfect Autumn Scarf

One of my favourite ways to complete an outfit is adding a scarf and I have tonnes of different types depending on the outfit; big woolly blanket scarves for winter (remember the Zara scarf last year-still a massive favourite of mine), chiffon and silk scarves being great ways to update a simple summer outfit and chunky knit scarves to wrap up warm in. I just think they’re so versatile and such a simple way to complete a look.

I also love snoods as a great alternative but they tend to be quite chunky when layered a few times; so I think it looks nice keeping the rest of the outfit unfussy to balance it out.

So, as it’s not that cold out yet, I wanted something not too heavy that I could just drape over my shoulders or wrap around my neck and not get too hot wearing. I love wearing scarves as an accessory to outfits when most of the time its not even cold enough to need one, so I love ones that are lightweight as they’re perfect for layering with without getting too hot.

So enough about why I love scarves and on to my perfect choice for autumn:

Rust Check Scarf

I chose this Rust Check Scarf from Topshop as I was on the lookout for a check scarf and this instantly caught my eye. I fell in love with the bold colours and large check print; making it a great statement piece as it really stands out over even the simplest of outfits.

When I style this, I like to keep it as a statement piece as it’s really distinctive and eye-catching, so keeping the rest of the outfit simple will balance out the boldness of the print and ensure it’s the focal point of the outfit. I absolutely love the colours rust, navy and white together and think they compliment each other perfectly to make it really stand out.

Its quite large, so easily wraps around, but its not too thick or heavy so doesn’t make me too warm wearing it when its not completely freezing out.

Classic Loafers 

Another Topshop purchase was these gorgeous black patent Latch Trimmed Loafers! I am in love with them! I have been looking for ages for the perfect black pair that will go with everything but were also a little different to plain black ones, and I think these have just the right amount of detail to make them stand out but also keep them looking simple and classic.

They have a beautiful gold trim detail which stands out against the black but without looking too fussy. I think they are so versatile and will be a great alternative to my usual ‘go to’ flat footwear choice of ballet pumps.


They have a slight heel (about 1 inch) so will also make them great for wearing out with simple jeans and a t-shirt but still make me feel a bit dressed up.

I’ve already planned loads of outfits in my head for these and can’t wait to wear them with dresses and tights for when its cold or skirts and casual t-shirts when its warm; but I’ll have to wait until next year for that now! I think they’re such a classy shoe and will make a great addition to my wardrobe, and I actually do mean it when I say these will go with everything!

Comfy Slip-ons 

Slip on’s are a great item to have as they are easy to work an outfit around and will go with almost anything when your in too much of a rush to plan an outfit. I found these Kicker Black and White Leopard Slip On’s in the Office sale for £10 and LOVE them!

I had been looking at them for ages and snapped them up when they went half price! I didn’t own any slip on’s and didn’t really need them to be honest, but since I’ve had them I’ve been wearing them with everything and they really update a plain outfit.

I love wearing leopard print as a focal point for statement pieces such as a clutch or scarf; to add a little bit of an elegant touch and in small amounts I think looks quite classy.


These being black and white leopard print make them that little bit more different and unique and are also really comfy (so far!). I’ve heard a lot of reviews about slip on shoes and how uncomfortable they can be, but so far these have been really comfy and haven’t caused me any pain.

I haven’t had them long so I hope I’ve not spoke too soon! But I’m sure if they were going to hurt then they would have from first use so fingers crossed they stay nice and comfy!

So those are a few key pieces I’ve bought recently to update my wardrobe and I’m really looking forward to planning outfits with them! What key pieces do you think make a great wardrobe essential?

Anna x

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10 thoughts on “New Additions: Wardrobe Essentials

  1. sabine says:

    Hi there, i also fell in love with htis scarf. There were 2 similar looking ones at the website, i think the one had a dark navy and the other one a black in it. Is yours black or blue?
    Thank you


  2. The Look List says:

    Hi! It’s a lovely scarf isn’t it! Mines the dark navy one, I remember seeing two similar ones on the website too, but now I can only see one. It’s such a great scarf though and it goes with everything! xx


    • Sabine says:

      Absolutely! Thanks for your reply, I wanted the navy one too. But at the website there is just the one with black instead of the navy. I would have preferred your version too, but I think before I get none I’ll take the one with black..


      • The Look List says:

        It’s definitely a really dark navy it’s almost black! I had to check it in the light as it looked almost black in my room, but you can see it’s navy in daylight. But it’s such a lovely scarf either way so if u like it then I think it would look near enough the same as the navy version. I would have got the black version too rather than not have it at all. I love it! x


  3. Sabine says:

    Hi Anna, yes i got one today! Normally i´m not so into orange – more burgundy, or red – but this scarf caught my eye for some reason from the beginning. Can´t wait for it to arrive..


      • sabine says:

        They cancelled my order. I reordered and they cancelled again.. I don’t understand why they offer it when it is out of stock.. So frustrating. I f you see one could you buy it for me, i can pay you through paypal


      • The Look List says:

        Aw sorry you couldn’t get it. I cant see it on the website any more either and I haven’t seen it in the store since I’ve been back in, they have a load of new ones now so they must have sold out. What do you think of this one? I really like it! Thinking about which one to get next! xx


  4. sabine says:

    Yesterday evening one popped up in the navy color, the same as you have, even better than the one with black. I’ll pray that they don’t cancel my order this time. You know I liked the ones with blue a lot more than the one with black. xx


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