Estee Lauder BB Highlighter

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow BB Highlighter

I’ve been using the Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow for about four months now and love it! I use it mainly as an under eye concealer, but it’s actually a highlighter and concealer.

It’s a BB highlighter so it does more than one job; it brightens with the help of it having a luminous finish, conceals and minimises imperfections and dark circles and; is hydrating so the skin feels soft and smooth.

Estee Lauder BB Highlighter

I’ve always just settled with concealers in the past, as it’s such a tough job for me finding one that’s pale enough for my fair skin tone but doesn’t leave my under eye area really white, so when I find one that’s a good colour match I tend to just stick with it and put up with under eye creasing for the sake of it being the right colour.

Estee Lauder BB Highlighter

But then I discovered this! I’ve finally found a concealer that is the perfect colour match but doesn’t cake under the eyes and actually makes them look smooth underneath. It’s a really hydrating, lightweight formula which at first I thought it would never conceal my under eyes, but it really does and I’m so pleased I found this.

Estee Lauder BB Highlighter

It doesn’t crease or settle in any lines, which is a problem I’ve had in the past with under eye concealers. I also use it to highlight under the brow bone before I use powder highlighter for extra eyebrow definition and overall brightening of the eye area.

I use the shade 1 N Extra Light Neutral (I think it’s the lightest shade) which is perfect for my fair skin tone. I definitely recommend going into a department store and asking a consultant to try out the shades for you as it can be tricky finding the right shade. This is what I did and ended up with the perfect colour match for me.

How I use it:

I twist the cap to dispense a tiny amount and use the brush applicator to apply under the eye with gentle strokes. I make sure I cover the whole under eye area down to the socket bone. I also put some in the inner corners and on the outer corners too.

Then, I use a flat brush to pat and stroke the concealer all under my eyes and then gently pat it with my finger to make sure it’s all blended in. It blends so easily and I only have to pat it down gently and it’s all blended perfectly.

Estee Lauder BB Highlighter

I finish with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder to set it. This is an amazing product to set the concealer and brighten the under eye area and I talk about it in more detail here, in ‘My Everyday Make-up’ post.

The brush I use is the Cosmopolitan Eyeshadow Blender. I know its an eyeshadow brush but it works great for concealer as it’s super flat and being rounded it’s also the perfect shape for getting in the inner corners.

I love this product and it has become my favourite concealer for under the eyes and I have already bought my next one ready for when this runs out! I do this sometimes when I find a product I love out of panic that its out of stock when I next go to buy it!

I’m so happy I finally found a concealer I love! Have you tried this yet?

Anna x

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