Loving Lately: Pink

Favourite Things…

Just a few things I’ve been enjoying using this month. Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Eau de Parfum is one of my absolute favourite perfumes. A friend of mine bought it me as a birthday present a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a really unique fragrance and has such longevity.

What I like about it, is that it’s such a unique, sweet and feminine scent that smells like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It has notes of ‘mandarin, tobacco flower and vanilla’ and I also think it it has quite a sweet and powdery scent to it, which I love.

Loving Lately: Pink

I love fragrances that last all day without fading and having to keep reapplying, and this is definitely a scent that lasts. The bottle is absolutely beautiful too and I love having this displayed in my bedroom.

Loving Lately: Pink

I couldn’t resist these lovely River Island earrings when I saw them. I love their jewellery range, they have such gorgeous pieces. I love the pastel pink colour of these and think they look quite vintage with the diamante studs around them. I’ve loved wearing these lately and I’ve just seen that they do them in a powder blue too, so I think I’ll be getting those next!

Loving Lately: Pink

I love Victoria’s Secret products, especially their body lotions and fragrances. Their body lotions smell absolutely divine and so luxurious to use. Although it’s hard to choose out of all their lovely scents; Pure Seduction is my favourite and the one I reach for most. It’s exactly what I love in a scent; floral, sweet and sugary.

Loving Lately: Pink

So that’s just a little collection of a few things I’ve been loving using this month.

Anna x

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