Mac 6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette

MAC Pro Lip Palette ‘6 Preferred Pinks’

First of all – just how beautiful is this palette?! I’m a massive pink lip fan and when I saw this palette I knew I just had to have it!

I like rosy, nude pinks or pinks with a slight plum tone to them so the colours in this palette are ideal for me. When I first looked at it I initially thought I wouldn’t wear the bottom two colours (bright pink and purple) but went ahead and purchased it anyway in hoping I could mix them up with a lighter colour. But I was actually really pleased with how those colours came out.

Mac 6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette

The purple can be very bold if you apply it quite strong and looks great for a strong look, but for now I’ve been mixing a little Pretty Please over the top to make it a little more muted and wearable for day time and as for the bright pink; I actually surprised myself with how much I loved how it looked! I occasionally wear a bright red or pink lip for a night out but for day I prefer nude, plum and blue-tone pinks. I love the bright pink but I think i’l save it for nights out!

The other four colours are definitely my kind of shades! Gorgeous rosy/plum toned pinks and it also contains one of my favourite  MAC lip colours: Pretty Please. I’ve had this colour before as a lipstick and absolutely love it. I just find it so wearable and it compliments my fair skin tone.

Mac 6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette

It’s a bit pricey at £35 and for that reason it took me a while before I purchased it, as I had to talk myself into thinking I needed it first! Which I didn’t obviously. But I waited until payday and bought it anyway (and because I couldn’t stop looking at it on the MAC website).

I suppose you have to really love the shades and know you will wear them to justify the price, so unless you have tried some of the shades as lipsticks and know you already like them, then it’s probably best to pop into a store and look at some of the shades first. I was going to purchase a new Pretty Please at some point anyway so the fact that it contained it made me want it even more.

You obviously don’t get as much product in each of the compartments compared to a full sized lipstick and are probably paying more for the convenience of having the 6 shades together, so that’s worth baring in mind. But I wasn’t bothered as I love lip palettes so I didn’t mind having a smaller amount of product if it meant having 6 gorgeous colours together in one place that I could mix with each other. I use a lip brush to apply them with as I find it an easier and a more accurate application than using your fingers and you also have more precision when defining the outline of the lips.

Now for the shades…

Mac 6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette

L-R: Pretty Please, Please Me, Lovelorn, Creme de la Femme, Show Orchid, Violetta

Pretty Please (Lustre) ‘Pale pink pearl’ – My favourite shade. This is a pale, soft, sheer pink and a colour I love to mix a little bit over darker pinks to soften them and add a bit of dimension to my lips. I think its a great colour to mix with darker ones but I do wear this alone as a sheer coat of pale pink.

Please Me (Matte) ‘Muted rosy-tinted pink’ – It’s super pigmented and has a matte finish which is a great addition to the palette being the only matte. I usually prefer a glossier finish than matte and sometimes add a bit of gloss over matte lipsticks, which I’ve been doing over this. But if you love a matte finish then you will probably just wear this alone.

Lovelorn (Lustre) ‘Emotive blue pink’ – A lovely everyday pink with a lustre finish with makes it look a little glossy which I love. It also feels super creamy on the lips. One of my favourites in the palette.

Crème de la Femme (Frost) ‘Pink laced with gold’ – Its described as pink laced with gold, but I also think it has a slight plum/blue tone to it which I love in lipsticks and has definitely become a new favourite!

Show Orchid (Amplified Creme) ‘Vivid hot pink’ – It’s like a fuchsia pink and again feels really creamy. I love the look of this and don’t feel the need to add a paler colour to soften it which I usually would have with bright colours. Its very bold and perfect for nights out which is what I’d wear it for.

Violetta (Amplified Creme) ‘Bright clean violet purple’ – A really bold purple that I love to add a little pale pink over the top for a more everyday colour. But its stunning on its own for a statement night out look.

But that’s whats great about having a palette – you can mix the different shades to make a custom shade and with 6 colours to play with, you can create loads of unique shades with different combinations. I love it!

I absolutely adore the 6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette and I’m already eyeing up 6 Select Plums for my next one…

Anna x

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3 thoughts on “MAC Pro Lip Palette ‘6 Preferred Pinks’

  1. Feline Creatures says:

    Hi Anna! I love the pigmented shades in this palette especially the 3rd one from the left. I think it’s a great everyday shade that’s neutral but with a glossy finish that amps up any look! Great review! – Lena


    • The Look List says:

      Hi Lena! Thanks for reading glad you enjoyed the review! I agree Lovelorn is a great everyday colour, it’s a beautiful rosy pink. It’s definitely a new favourite of mine since I got the palette! xx


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