Sun Lotions

My Favourite Sun Lotions

Just a little post today about my choice of sun creams and why I’ll be taking them away with me on holiday. It’s going to be quite hot where I’m going and being such fair-skinned I have to be extra careful, so I have to pack a lot of sun creams so I’m always prepared.

It’s a pain having to make sure I’m covered head to toe, but it has to be done! I just burn so easily and I don’t even tan; I just go red, peel, then back to my usual colour, so I never risk not wearing any sun lotion as I just think it’s so important.

Sun Lotions


Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45 – I adore this product and have expressed my love for it in ‘My Everyday Skincare Essentials’ post in more detail. It’s a super high factor of 45 which is great considering this doesn’t feel anything like wearing a sun cream, yet it has such a high protection factor.

It’s oil-free so no shiny face or sticky feeling after application and it dries matte so perfect for applying make-up after it.

Sun Lotions

Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin Soothing Cream SPF 50 – I know I already have a facial cream with SPF 45, but I just like to pack this factor 50 as well for on the beach when I need to keep reapplying.

Also, I prefer to use Dream Screen for being on a day out in the sun and this for being on the beach. I love Lancaster sun protection; they smell amazing and are non sticky and dry fast. One thing I really hate is waiting for sun creams to dry!


Sun Lotions

Nivea Sun Pure and Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF 50 – I’m a big fan of Nivea products and particularly love this as it’s for sensitive skin. I don’t particularly have super sensitive skin but my eyes sometimes water with heavily perfumed products so this is great as its perfume free.

It’s also non sticky and fast drying and I use this all over my body and neck.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Oil-Free Milky Spray SPF 30 – I got this for using on my legs only. I prefer factor 45 or higher everywhere else but I like to have a factor 30 for my legs as they don’t burn as easily as my upper body.

It’s still a high factor and what I love about this is that it’s a spray which makes it really convenient to apply, especially when you’re on the beach and need to keep reapplying.

After Sun 

After Sun

Nivea Sun Moisturising After Sun – I love Nivea after sun products and have been using them for years. This cools and soothes the skin and absorbs quickly. It has a lovely cooling sensation, especially on tender skin that has been out in the sun too long.

It’s lovely and moisturising as well, so usually I just use this as my body moisturiser and don’t take a separate body lotion on holiday with me.

Instant Tan 

Instant Tan

Lancaster Bronzing Beauty Adjustable Tan Glow Leg Fluid – an ‘adjustable tan glow, without self tan’. I am so pleased I discovered this product! It’s kind of like an instant tan, but it looks like a peachy coloured cream with tiny coloured ‘touch-release pigment’ beads.

As you rub it into the skin, the little beads of colour ‘pop’ and release the colour which is distributed evenly as the cream is rubbed in. I find it so quick and mess free and it reveals a lovely, even, light tan-glow and naturally bronzed legs. Perfect for me as I have fair skin and like to have a bit of colour on my legs!

I use the shade 1 ‘Blonde to Blonette Tan’ for fairer skin, but there is also a shade 2 for a darker tan. It dries really quickly with no tacky residue feeling and it doesn’t transfer. It’s self-tan free and washes off easily.

I love to use an instant tan on my legs and when I’m not on holiday I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, which I also think is amazing and use it for nights out . But I find the Lancaster Tan Glow perfect for using on holiday for when I go out in the evenings, as it’s quick and easy to apply and dries ultra quick.

Now I’m definitely in the holiday mood and can’t wait to go! What are your favourite sun creams to use?

Anna x

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