YSL Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara Waterproof For A False Lash Effect

I have really straight, short eyelashes naturally so I need a lot of help with eyelash curlers and mascara to make them look good. I’ve tried tonnes of different brands and types, but generally I think formulas designed to create volume and thickness work best for me.

I like to add length too, but I feel that thickness is definitely what my lashes need help with most. I love the false lash effect and generally like quite full and thick lashes, so when I heard about the Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara For A False Lash Effect, I decided to give it a try.

YSL Mascara

I also like my mascaras to be waterproof as I wear contact lenses and also I just feel like it helps with holding the curl (it probably doesn’t for everyone, but it seems to work for me) so I purchased this in waterproof in the shade Charcoal Black.

YSL Mascara

The mascara is beautifully packaged in a gold tube with blue and bronze detail. It retails around £24.50 which may seem a bit pricey, but I have yet to find a drug store mascara that rivals this or my usual mascara (Diorshow Waterproof).

YSL Mascara

So until I find a drugstore one I really like, I’ll continue with the ones that work best for me – albeit about twice as expensive – but I just find that they are worth it for the results.

I will only repurchase a mascara that adds volume and holds a curl throughout the day, so when I find one that does both I tend to stick with it, as it’s took me years to find mascaras that work well on my lashes.

YSL Mascara

The formula is designed to create a dramatic false lash effect with intense volume. At first glance the formula looks quite ‘wet’ and I was apprehensive that it would hold a curl, but after using it, I think the consistency of the formula actually helps this mascara to be buildable without drying and setting too quickly.

As I like to layer my mascara to create more thickness, this formula worked great for me as I could build up a few layers to get my desired effect without clumping, as clumping tends to happen with drier formulas when they set before you’re ready to add more coats.

When it does set it doesn’t transfer onto the lids which sometimes happens with ‘wet’ formulas.

As I have quite short lashes, I really do have to build volume with layers so I will always choose formulas that allow this and this is definitely one of those mascaras. For me, my desire was volume and thickness and this mascara definitely didn’t disappoint!

YSL Mascara

The brush applicator is made of nylon fiber bristles of varying lengths for help with creating volume and as the brush is long and narrow, I found that I could really wiggle the wand right into the base of my lash line and ‘zig-zag’ it through to the ends of my lashes with ease.

From just two to three coats the effect is long, separated and slightly thick lashes, but for extra volume I continue to ‘zig-zag’ the wand through my lashes until I have enough volume.

YSL Mascara

As I said before, this mascara is great for layering and I quite like really thick lashes anyway, so I probably apply more coats than most people would, but for the pictures in this post, the most I applied in the last few pictures below to create substantial thickness was about 6 coats.

I must point out that I always use an eyelash curler prior to curling my eyelashes, so to give an honest review of how the mascara looks on my lashes I have curled them prior to application, as I would never use mascara without an eyelash curler anyway.

As I have such straight lashes, any mascara I use will only have optimum results when used in conjunction with an eyelash curler, as it gives them a ‘lift’ before applying mascara.

The Results

YSL Mascara

Before application and curled with an eyelash curler

So this is what my eyelashes look with a few seconds curl from an eyelash curler and as you can see they are naturally very short.

YSL Mascara

After 2-3 coats of mascara

After just  2-3 coats I was really impressed! It separated and lengthened my lashes and added substantial thickness at the base and I think the results of this would be perfect for everyday, and to get my lashes looking lengthened and still holding a curl after only 2-3 coats – that’s a good result for me!

YSL Mascara

After about 6 coats of mascara

But, I couldn’t just leave it there, I had to add a few more layers and this is the result of around 6 coats of mascara. I absolutely love the results and the fact that my lashes were so lengthened and actually held a curl after so many applications of mascara.

This is when I know a mascara is right for me – when I can layer it enough to create volume but it still holds the curl. I love the thickness it has created, especially at the base and without clumping even after 6 coats.

I applied the mascara in the morning and by late evening I was really impressed that the results had lasted all day. I was especially pleased that the curl had stayed too. It really lifts the lashes and holds the curl – and for that reason this mascara is a winner in my eyes!

YSL Mascara

After about 6 coats of mascara

I have a habit of overusing mascara in an attempt to make my lashes as volumised as possible, and I love that I can achieve that with this mascara without my lashes sticking together.

I am very careful to ‘zig-zag’ the wand right through my lashes and take a look at them in-between reapplying, so I can see how thick they are going and to make sure I’m not applying too much.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara Waterproof For A False Lash Effect and will definitely repurchase this! I love it when I find a mascara that works for my lashes as they are a nightmare to make them look long and thick, so I am really pleased with the results.

It may seem a little pricey, but, as the title says, it is luxurious to use and for me the results are worth it, so I think I will save this for weekends and day/nights out rather than just for going to work, so I don’t mind spending a bit more when I know I can make it last longer.

Have you ever tried this mascara before? Whats your favourite mascara to use?

Anna x

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