Winter Coat

The Winter Coat

First of all, outfit posts are quite new to me and I found it so awkward to pose for, especially with my boyfriend taking the pictures!

He offered to take them for me and I felt really awkward and silly at first but we managed to get it done!

Wool Parka


I absolutely adore this green wool coat from Topshop, it’s so comfy and goes with anything. It’s my favourite coat to wear through winter and I love to style it with knee-high boots and leggings/tights for a really simple but classy winter look.

Wool Coat

I’m not sure what I would describe it as, but its a bit like a pea coat and made from a wool blend. I love the big cuffs and deep pockets and the overall simplicity of it – I’m not a fan of fussy coats with too much detail.

The Wool Coat

I haven’t seen any similar coats like this (since I got it a while back) until just recently when I came across this very similar ASOS one. It’s also made from a wool blend, has a hood and deep pockets like mine but also has a fleece lining (unlike mine). I actually think they look really similar and prefer the fleece lining in the ASOS one.

Wool Parka

My favourite colour for a winter coat is green and I usually go for parka styles which are a wardrobe staple of mine, but when I saw this I instantly knew it would become my new faithful winter coat and it has been since. I just find green for coats really flattering and it seems to go with everything ( it’s also a nice change from black in winter considering the rest of my outfit is most probably all black…).

Wool Parka

Here’s just an awkward picture to end on – when I ran out of ways to stand and was feeling quite embarrassed and silly with all the posing…

Whats your favourite style of coat to wear through winter?

Anna x

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