Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare Essentials

When the weather gets colder, I like to take a little extra care of my skin; with face masks, scrubs, extra nourishing moisturisers and treatments.

I still use all my usual products, but I just like to add to my skincare routine with some products that offer extra protection or nourishment, especially as my skin tends to get a lot drier in the colder months and I notice that it needs more hydration and exfoliation to keep it soft.

Winter Skincare

Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

I use a face scrub more regularly during colder months than I do in summer, as my skin gets drier and needs exfoliating more often as a result. I love the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash and have been using it for a while now.

It does an amazing job at exfoliating the drier skin and I really notice a difference in how soft my skin feels after using it. It’s gentle enough to use daily, but I use it about every two days.

It’s £23 but you get 240 ml and you only need to use a tiny amount so it lasts ages (be careful as quite a lot comes out if you squeeze too hard). It’s so delicate on the skin and doesn’t make your skin feel tight or dry afterwards, like some face scrubs can.

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

I also have a particular face mask I always start to incorporate into my weekly skincare routine when the cold weather sets in.

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask is an all time favourite of mine that I have been repurchasing for years. I use it every now and then throughout the year when my skin needs it, but I start to use it on a weekly basis during winter and love it.

It’s a warming mask which warms up on the face when applied to wet skin. It’s a clay treatment which contains ginger and cinnamon oils to help open up pores and deep cleanse, and algae to condition.

It feels so lovely on the skin and the warming sensation is so relaxing. I love letting it soak in during a nice relaxing bath and it makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed afterwards.

Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

For extra hydration, I like to use Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream. It’s very rich so I only use a thin layer when my skin feels particularly dehydrated. It’s a hypoallergenic emollient which nourishes, restores and soothes dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

It’s so moisturising and it really does work wonders for my skin when it feels tight and dry in winter. I also used a little around my eyes when I had some kind of reaction which made the skin around my eyes become sensitive and red and it really helped to clear it up.

Like I said, it is very rich so you only need a thin layer for it to be absorbed efficiently. It smells like honey and it is quite a strong scent, but I like it and think it smells quite sweet so don’t particularly mind.

I don’t like skin care products to have strong perfumed scents as they irritate my skin, so this is fine for me.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

I love the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm for a luxurious facial treatment for when my skin feels dry and tight from bouts of cold weather.

It’s such a unique product that took me a while to get use to at first – as in how to best use it for my skin – as you can use it for a few uses such as; dissolving and removing eye make-up, general cleansing and make-up removal and as a facial treatment.

It also has the added benefits of it being an anti-aging product and is made from natural oils. The product doesn’t feel oily though but it does feel like a balm as described and glides smoothly across the skin. It has quite a ‘menthol’ scent which I really like as it smells really clean and fresh.

I don’t use it to remove make-up as I am happy with the products I use for that, but I do use it as a facial treatment.

Firstly, I smooth it over a cleansed face whilst massaging the skin to loosen the balm. I leave it for about 10 minutes with a warm flannel over my face – the aroma is so relaxing and it’s so nice to just lie in the bath and breathe it in.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

Then I just wipe it off with the warm flannel and afterwards my skin feels super clean, soft and smooth and like I have just had a facial treatment in a spa!

I like to do this treatment about every three to four weeks and use The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask weekly. (On the week I use Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleanser I leave out the mineral mask).

You can buy the travel size pot for £9 here which is 20g, the 30g for £14 here or the 105g for £39.50 here. I have the 20g and it is lasting me a while using it as a face mask on occasional use (and I only use a thin layer).

So if you are wanting to try this product out the 20g is perfect for seeing if you like it before you buy a bigger size. I currently love using it as a facial treatment and will definitely repurchase a bigger size when mine runs out as I’m really enjoying using it.

Do you have any particular skincare products that you like using for extra nourishment and care during the cold weather?

Anna x

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