The Look List hits 100 followers!

I want to say a big massive THANK YOU to all the people who have followed my blog so far and helped me reach 100 followers! I can’t believe I only started The Look List a few months ago and I already have so many wonderful followers.

It makes me feel so happy and grateful to know that you are enjoying reading my blog and it’s also nice to know that it’s not just me and my mum reading it anymore!


When I stared The Look List I wanted to write about things that I like to read about on blogs myself and then as time went on, I found that all these ideas were popping into my head and I’ve absolutely loved turning an idea scribbled on a piece of paper into a post I’m proud of.

It’s quite a scary thing starting a blog and putting all your thoughts out there for anyone to read and although I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, it’s took me ages to actually pluck up the courage to start one. But now I am so proud of The Look List and couldn’t be happier and so glad I finally started it.

So, thank you again to my amazing followers (or even if you’re just stumbling on my blog now and having a little read), it really gives me the inspiration to keep writing knowing that you’re enjoying reading it!

Anna x

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