Avene Eau Thermale Extremely Gentle Cleanser

Skincare Essentials: Avène Eau Thermale Extremely Gentle Cleanser

Having sensitive skin to most perfumed products, means that it can be quite hard to find really good cleansers which are both gentle but also do a great job of removing make-up.

Most cleansers I have tried for sensitive skin have been great for not stinging/leaving a red face etc, but haven’t removed make-up properly and I’ve also tried normal cleansers which are great for removing make-up but sting my face and make my eyes water.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser

So, it has been a case of trial and error over the years to find a cleanser that suits my skin. I came across the Avène range when I was having some trouble with my skin being more sensitive than usual. I had a patch of red skin under my eyes which became really sore and tender and I still have no idea what caused it. So, as I was searching the internet for products for sensitive/irritated skin I came across the Avène range.

I picked up the Eau Thermale Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser along with some other Avène products and was so pleased with the results and having finally found an effective cleanser that removes make-up whilst being gentle on the skin. If I have been wearing a lot of eye make-up then I will use an eye make-up remover first to loosen any stubborn mascara, then I will apply this with cotton pads until the cotton pads appear clean.

It has a really light, refreshing gel-like texture and is oil and fragrance free. It feels so delicate on the skin and glides across smoothly, removing make-up whilst also having a calming effect on the skin – as my face doesn’t look red or blotchy afterwards (as it has in the past with other cleansers).

It contains the Avène Thermal Spring Water – a gentle ingredient which is key for sensitive/irritated skin or facial redness. I also love this product for being fragrance free, as I think it’s strong fragrances in products that make my eyes water. I finish with the Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water as a gentle toner and you can read more about this product here in Daily Skincare Essentials.

Have you ever tried the Avène range? Do you have any products that are great for sensitive skin?

Anna x

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4 thoughts on “Skincare Essentials: Avène Eau Thermale Extremely Gentle Cleanser

  1. Mary B says:

    Hey great post:) have tried and reviewed their day creme on my blog, love that the brand is cheap but still good to my skin:)


    • The Look List says:

      Thank you! I’ve tried the day cream too and love it, so will have a read of your post to see what you think of it too! :-) I’m so happy I found this range, it’s been amazing for my skin and I agree i’ts really reasonably priced too x


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