Grand Canyon

My Favourite Moments of 2014

So, as 2014 is nearly over, I wanted to look back on the year I’ve had and share some of my favourite moments with you.

Starting a new year can often feel quite daunting, especially looking back and thinking of all the things you think you should have done or didn’t get round to doing and it can often feel quite deflating (and also the reason as to why I don’t make New Years resolutions because I hate feeling bad bout not achieving them!)


So, I wanted to do a more positive post looking back on the highlights of my year and all the good things that I have done with it.

I think it’s important for everyone to reflect more on the positives rather than thinking ‘I didn’t do this…’ or ‘I wanted to have achieved this by now…’, as the prospect of New Year then becomes quite a negative and daunting event, whereas, it should be a happy time to know that you have a brand new year to attempt all the things you didn’t manage in 2014; to do more travelling, go after that job you always wanted, make more time for yourself etc., and then the thought of starting a new year becomes quite exciting!

I’ve had a few up’s and down’s this year, as has everybody at some point, but now looking back on the year I’ve had, the positives most definitely outweigh the negatives, and I really think it’s best to focus on the good things and look forward to seeing what 2015 brings! Happy New Year! x

Las Vegas

We went on a big holiday this year and stayed at a few places over two weeks (you can read the full post on this holiday here and here). First stop; Las Vegas!


Horse Riding at The Grand Canyon Ranch

Horse riding in the desert was one of the most amazing experiences and one I’ll never forget!


Helicopter Ride over The Grand Canyon

My first time in a helicopter – I was quite scared at first but it turned out to be amazing!


Universal Studio’s Hollywood

I absolutely love Universal Studio’s and had one of the best days ever at Universal Studio’s Hollywood.

Kayaking on Catalina Island

Another amazing first time experience for me, again I was so nervous beforehand but as soon as we got into the water I loved every minute of it.

I was gutted that we didn’t manage to get a picture as we didn’t want to take our camera’s on the kayaks, but here’s a picture of me enjoying a Buffalo Milk cocktail straight after! (It tasted nicer than it sounds!).

Weekend away to Talacre

Spending a lovely weekend away in Talacre in North Wales with my boyfriend and friends.


Christmas Markets and catching up with friends

Another trip me and best friend planned was to meet up in Manchester for the Christmas Markets with our other friend we use to live with at uni.

We’d not seen her for over a year and was well over-due a catch up. It was so lovely seeing them both and getting to spend the weekend with them.

It really makes me miss living together and wish that we could see each other more often. But 2015 will definitely be filled with more weekends away with friends and I can’t wait to make plans already!

Starting The Look List

Starting The Look List and reaching 100 followers after only three months was definitely a high point for me and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!


So, I’ll be looking back on 2014 with some lovely memories and it’s been a great year of travel and spending time with friends, and now I’m excited to see what 2015 brings!

Some of these pictures are from my personal Instagram account: @annals85 as well as The Look List account: @thelooklist

What’s been your highlights of 2014?

Anna x

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