Dirty Works Body Scrub

Dirty Works ‘Buff Your Stuff’ Body Scrub

I bought the Dirty Works ‘Buff Your Stuff’ Body Scrub as I had ran out of a previous, more expensive scrub I was using and was looking for a cheaper alternative. At only £3 I thought it was worth giving it a try!

I was hoping I would love this product, as being so reasonably priced for a 200ml body scrub, it would be great to replace my more expensive scrubs with something more purse friendly, but which works just as well.

Dirty Works Body Scrub

Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed and will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out! I have tried lots of different scrubs in the past and what I’m mostly concerned with, with body scrubs is; that sometimes they make my skin itch after a shower, and when this happens I avoid using the product again altogether.

I don’t know why this happens and if it happens to anyone else, but I find it really uncomfortable and irritating and makes me want to jump back in the shower! I must admit, I don’t get this after using certain, more expensive brands but when trying cheaper alternatives, this is the main thing I want to find out.

After first use I was so happy to find that I didn’t get that itchy after-feeling as I really wanted to love this product. As I was happy with how it performed as a scrub, the fact that there was no ‘scratchy’ or itchy after-feeling on my skin post-shower, was a definite indication for me that I was going to love this scrub!

Dirty Works Body Scrub

From first use, I found it really pleasant to use as the formula is really creamy but with a mix of delicate and more scrubbier grains, which really makes this product lovely to use, as it buffs away on the skin without feeling harsh or scratchy.

I hate scrubs that contain really coarse grains which scratch the skin and I just find them unnecessarily harsh on the skin. But this product is beautiful to use! With Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E to condition the skin, you really notice how soft this product makes the skin afterwards and with no ‘tight’ after-feeling.

I found it gentle to use but it also has the right amount and varying size of grains to really buff away dry and rough skin and I love how soft my skin feels afterwards. I can actually tell in the shower how soft my skin feels, and when applying body lotion after, it just glides on really smoothly.

It has quite a strong, soapy smell which I really like, but the scent isn’t too strong that it lingers on the skin afterwards, so it would still be a great product if you’re not a fan of strong scents and as to how well the product works, I would definitely recommend it!

I’ve been using the Dirty Works ‘Buff Your Stuff’ Scrub for nearly a month now and love it! I’ve been really enjoying using it, noticing such a difference in how soft my skin feels and I’m so glad I’ve finally found a reasonably priced body scrub that I am happy to continue repurchasing.

Have you ever tried any Dirty Works products before? What’s your favourite body scrub to use?

Anna x

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