Clinique High Impact Favourites

I received this lovely Clinique High Impact Favourites set for Christmas and have been really enjoying using it since.

As it was a Christmas present that I wanted to review, I decided to wait a few weeks so I could write an honest review after having used the products almost daily for a good few weeks.

Clinique High Impact Favourites

I think with mascara and eyeliner you can tell instantly what your thoughts are on the product and how well it works, but as the set also contains an eye serum, I wanted to try that out for a few weeks first to see how much I like it before I gave my opinion.

Clinique swatch (3)

I think this set was specifically designed as a Christmas set so I’m not sure if it is still being sold and I also haven’t provided links as I wouldn’t like to look up prices of Christmas presents! But all the items are sold individually from many retailers.

High Impact Mascara in Black

clinique high impact mascara

First up is the High Impact Mascara. I’ve never tried Clinique make-up before so was excited to try these out. The mascara is jet black and designed to add volume, definition and length whilst thickening and separating the lashes.

The formula is quite a dry yet creamy consistency, which I much prefer over wet formulas. I used the mascara with an eyelash curler as I have quite short lashes and without using them, no mascara will do anything to my lashes – trust me I’ve tried!

I love how jet black the colour is and it really separates the lashes without clumping and also adds substantial length, which is great for my short lashes.

facetune-2 (3)

The picture above is after applying about three to four coats and I was pleased with how it lengthened my lashes. It did build some volume, but the more I applied seemed to make the curl drop so I was careful to stick to just a few coats and the curl stayed nicely.

It does thicken them, but I think my lashes are just too naturally straight and short to hold a curl when layering a lot with it, which is what I like to do to with mascara to add lots of volume.

I really like this as an everyday mascara, as it really lengthens and separates without clumping, but I will stick to my mascaras that create more volume for nights out. It also doesn’t smudge, flake or leave those little dots of mascara on the brow bone or underneath which is great considering it isn’t waterproof!

Cream Shaper for Eyes in Black Diamond

Clinique cream shaper for eyes

I love this eyeliner! It comes out very black although it has some kind of silver/grey shimmer bits in it. You can see from the swatches below that it has little bits of shimmer but I think it’s only slightly noticeable from up close when it’s actually on.

I used it in my waterline and couldn’t feel any grittiness from it so they must be very fine and I quite like the shimmer effect to it, but like I said, once it’s on it’s only a slightly noticeable shimmer so don’t let that put you off if you like your eyeliner very black!

eyeliner (2)

L-R: mascara swatch and three swatches of eyeliner with different gradients

Clinique High Imact Mascara

I have shown some swatches above with varying pressure applied, so you can see how light or dark you can get the colour and it does go very black in the waterline and stays put all day.

I also like to smudge some underneath and as it’s a really soft creamy consistency, it was so easy to blend and smudge out with a smudging brush and didn’t crease or flake all day.

The picture above shows the eyeliner smudged underneath and in the waterline and I love how dark it is in my waterline especially. I love this eyeliner and would definitely repurchase it!

All About Eyes Serum – De-Puffing Eye Massage

img_2132 (2)

I’ve always wanted to try the All About Eyes Serum and I’m always keen to try out new eye creams. It’s designed to refresh and hydrate puffy eyes and brighten the eye area.

It contains caffeine and antioxidants and has a soothing and cooling effect when applied. This is probably helped by the roller-ball application as it’s instantly cooling and refreshing on contact, but still feels cooling for a short while after. It’s a clear colour and has a lovely light texture, feeling really lightweight on the skin and absorbs quickly.

Because of this, it’s been great to use in the mornings as it really wakens the eyes and refreshes them instantly. My eyes always feel quite tight in the mornings and I usually refresh them with water on a cotton pad to help me wake up, but I’ve also been adding this to my morning routine and it really is amazing at refreshing and cooling the eye area!

img_2213 (2)

My eyes feel instantly more awake after using it and it soaks in quickly, without leaving any sticky after-feeling. I’ve loved using it in the mornings as I’m so impressed with how it de-puffs and gives instant relief to tired eyes.

I’ve also noticed how smooth it makes the under eye area and it’s just so pleasant to use and feels lovely on the skin! I’m not sure if it has helped with dark circles yet, but I am more than happy with the fact that it de-puffs in the mornings and leaves my under eyes really soft.

I will have to continue using it to see how it helps with dark circles and will update with the results. Overall, I’m loving using this and so far really impressed with the results!

I like the fact that it’s a roller-ball dispenser as it makes it really quick and easy to use and can be applied throughout the day as needed, so a great item to carry around with you. The item in my set was a 5ml version, so obviously the full size version would be a lot larger than mine in the pictures!

Have you tried any of these Clinique products before?

Anna x

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4 thoughts on “Clinique High Impact Favourites

    • The Look List says:

      Thank you! I put the serum on in the morning on a cleansed face and then I apply my make-up about twenty minutes after when im ready to start my make-up and I just put my primer on over it and it doesn’t affect how my make-up goes on. So I’ve not applied make-up directly after using it, but I can say it absorbs in my skin very quickly and is thoroughly absorbed within minutes! I really love using it, it feels so gentle and soothing. It’s made me want to try more Clinique products now! xx


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