No7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator

I’ve been meaning to try a new exfoliator for a while now, as my skin has been getting quite dry throughout day; especially around my nose and chin and nothing I’ve been using has been keeping the dryness at bay.

After doing my usual morning skincare routine, my skin has been looking fine and feeling moisturised and make-up goes on well, but then from about half-way through the day I start noticing It looking quite dry and by the evening when I take all my make-up off, I really notice how dry it is on and around my nose and chin.


So, I started looking for a more powerful face scrub and came across some great reviews of the No7 Micro-dermabrasion Face Exfoliator. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I sometimes have quite sensitive skin and the title ‘micro-dermabrasion’ seemed a little scary as I thought it might be too harsh for my skin.

But the good reviews were making me want to buy it and I also had a Boots £5 No7 voucher, which brought it down to £6 from £11, so I decided to give it a try – trust those No7 vouchers for encouraging impulse purchases!


About the product:

The product says it’s suitable for sensitive skin and is hypo-allergenic so that was great news to me. It contains ‘Aluminium-oxide micro-crystals’ to smooth, refine and renew; getting rid of dull surface skin cells and, with continued use; stimulates skin cell renewal to fight against fine lines and evening the skin tone revealing soft, silky skin.

All that sounded a bit complicated for me (what’s an ‘Aluminium-oxide micro-crystal?!), but it left me more excited to try it as it seemed like it contained the perfect ingredients to tackle dry skin.

But, this is no ordinary ‘wash-your-face-with-it-and-go’ face scrub, it comes with an instruction leaflet of how to use it and after-care advice, which seemed a little much for an exfoliator at first, but I was actually glad of the information leaflet as this is a ‘micro-dermabrasion’ exfoliator and you have to use it properly.

Micro-dermabration is a more ‘dramatic’ version of an exfoliator, with more benefits such as; stimulating skin cell renewal to reveal fresher, more radiant skin; evening out skin tone; working against fine lines and; helping against the appearance of sun-damaged or blemish-prone skin.

It definitely sounded like something my skin needed as, not only was it dry, but it was looking dull and needing a lot of moisturiser to keep it hydrated. I really liked the idea of a more powerful exfoliator that really gets rid of dull surface skin cells.

How to use:

It suggests to use the product about twice a week (never two days in a row so the skin has time to produce new cells in-between) and for a maximum of two minutes each use, whilst massaging it in.

The leaflet contains a useful picture illustrated guide on how to use it, but here’s the main details of the process:

  • Apply to a freshly cleansed and moist face
  • Squeeze out a small amount and dot it around your face (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) using a small enough amount to thinly cover the face once spread evenly
  • Beginning in the centre of your forehead, massage the product in, using circle-like motions towards temples
  • Massage gently with both hands in circle-like motions, moving from your chin up towards your temples – avoiding lips, nostrils and eye area
  • Using a few smooth, downward motions; stroke the product gently over your nose and chin
  • Close your eyes (obviously!), rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry



As always after washing your face or using a scrub, you should moisturise it afterward to keep it soft and hydrated.

As micro-dermabrasion can make the skin a little more sensitive to the sun than usual as the skin is more exposed, it suggests that you should always use a moisturiser with SPF 15, preferably with  5* UVA protection, during the day for a week after use. I always think it’s a good idea to use SPF daily anyway so always do this myself.


The grains in the product feel quite fine like sand and they are mixed in with a lovely creamy gel. It says your skin may look ‘a little pink and glowy’ afterwards, so as my skin is quite sensitive I tried it on the back of my hand first as I was worried that the grains might be a little too harsh.

The grains felt very fine and didn’t feel scratchy at all, but for my first use I decided to try it using a little amount just incase, as I am forever worried about trying new products incase they break me out or irritate my skin!

It does also say that if you have sensitive skin, you should use it less often or spend less time massaging it in, which is what I did for my first use.

But, as I started massaging the product in, it actually felt quite pleasant and the grains didn’t feel too coarse or harsh; but just the right kind of sandy, grainy texture so that you can feel it buffing away on the skin. I actually really enjoyed using it and it felt good knowing that I was buffing away dead skin cells and it really felt like it was working.

It felt a lot scrubbier (but not harsh) than other exfoliators I’ve used in the past, but that’s what I expected and wanted from this product anyway, as I was hoping for something a little more powerful to really smooth out my dry skin.

During my first use, I was careful to massage gently as I was worried about having a blotchy, red face afterwards so was probably more gentle than I needed to be!

But, as I washed it off, I was amazed to start feeling really soft skin immediately – it didn’t feel tight like I had scrubbed off a layer of skin – but I could actually notice a softer texture as I was rinsing it off.


My skin felt softer instantly and squeaky clean and it didn’t look all red and blotchy at all! I looked a little pink as expected, but my face always kind of goes a little pink after I wash it anyway and it faded within less than a minute.

I was so pleased that I could notice and feel a difference straight away; my skin looked glowing, really clean and felt so soft. It kind of had a shiny, ‘polished’ look and I was impressed with the results having only used the product really gently, so I was excited to try it again but properly massaging it in for a little longer next time.

After moisturising, I made sure I used extra product, especially around my chin and nose as those are the areas I really wanted my moisturiser to properly soak into now my skin was freshly exfoliated.

The next morning I had much, much less dry skin around my nose and chin which went anyway after cleansing my face and moisturising, and that was just after the first use! It was how dry my face gets in these areas throughout the day that I wanted to see the results on, so I kept looking at these areas during the day.

I was so impressed that bar a few tiny dry parts around my nose creeping in,  my chin and actually on my nose was still looking smooth and my make-up hadn’t gone patchy in those areas as usual – really impressive seeing as this was the result the day after my first use!

I didn’t expect my face to be completely free from dry areas after the first use, but it did get rid of the really dry areas and I couldn’t wait to use it again and see the results after continued use, hoping that it prevents the dryness coming back altogether!

And, after using it for a few weeks… I love it! The No7 Micro-dermabrasion Face Exfoliator  has literally made such a difference to my skin – and in only a few weeks!

It has made such a difference to the smoothness and softness of my skin, and keeping any dry areas at bay with a twice weekly use.

I’m so glad I’ve finally found a face scrub that doesn’t just work immediately after use, but actually works at keeping the results for days after in-between uses.

That’s the problem I’ve been having with other scrubs, the effects were noticeable, but throughout the day I could see dry areas creeping back, but with this one, it actually works at improving the texture of the skin so the results last!

What’s your favourite face scrub to use?

 Anna x

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2 thoughts on “No7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator

    • The Look List says:

      Definitely! Iv been looking for a scrub that actually feels like it’s doing something, I just find some so gentle it’s just like using a face wash and your skin feels no different after. I can see why you only use this one twice a week as that’s all you need to use it for to notice the difference, my skin stays soft in-between uses. Iv been using it for a few weeks now and I am loving the difference it has made so far :-) x


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