Quick Smokey Eyes with Urban Decay Naked Basics

I’ve created this quick really quick smokey eye look with the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It’s my go-to smokey eye look which I do for nights out and it’s really quick to do.

I used the No7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush with the shade Naked 2 as a full wash of colour all over the lid. Then I used Faint across the middle of the lid, but not too high up as I then used Crave on the outer corners and blended into the crease.

ud2I used the Mac 217 Blending brush to blend Crave into the crease, with a little Naked 2 as a transition colour, making sure it blends evenly; creating definition and depth to define the eye shape.

For the brow bone, I used a light wash of Venus and Foxy mixed together as I didn’t want it too shimmery.

I smudged Crave and Faint together under the eyes lightly and then finished with a little dab of Urban Decay Verve in the inner corners.

I mostly always finish my eye’s with this colour in the inner corners, as I feel like it just completes the look and opens up the eyes.

I used the blending brush from the Models Own Five Piece Brush set for smudging underneath and the lip brush for the inner corners as it’s small enough to pick up a tiny amount of eyeshadow.

I lined the top lash line with Chanel La Ligne De Chanel cake eyeliner and used Maybelline Master Smoky eyeliner in ‘Smoky Black’ in the waterline. Both my absolute favourite eyeliners that I use almost everyday!

I love smokey eyes and love experimenting with different colour variations, but this is my go-to smokey eye look for nights out.

Anna x

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6 thoughts on “Quick Smokey Eyes with Urban Decay Naked Basics

    • The Look List says:

      Thank you! I definitely recommend it! I’ve got all three of the Naked palettes and love them but I do find that I use the Naked Basics more, because it’s just so convenient and handy to use everyday. I probably don’t need it but I really want the Naked Basics 2 as well, just to complete the collection! x


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