Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

l received a sample of Benefit’s new mascara, Roller Lash, with Elle magazine recently and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

I haven’t tried many Benefit mascara’s before, having only owned a sample sized one that came in a set I got many years ago – and I can’t remember which it was now – so I was excited to give this a whirl!


I absolutely love the pink and black packaging, and the packaging of the full-sized mascara is even cuter! It’s very girly and the full-sized product’s handle looks like a pink hair roller – which I think is super cute – I’m instantly drawn to beautiful packaging and like always, Benefit get it spot on.


The mascara has a unique ‘Hook and Roll’ brush, which ‘grabs, separates, lifts and curls’ and has an impressive ‘curve-setting’ formula that holds for 12 hours.

It also boasts an ink black formula with a satin finish – definitely my kind of mascara! I love a jet black formula and this one definitely is and it looks super glossy on the brush.


I was eager to try this in hoping that it would live up to its name and be able to curl and hold my lashes – as I have quite straight lashes and it’s a nightmare to get a mascara to curl them let alone make the curl last!

I must point out – as I always do when I review mascaras – that I always start with an eyelash curler, as my eyelashes don’t stand a chance with any mascara without a bit of a curl first, and I would only ever be using this mascara after using an eyelash curler first anyway. 

I’m use to using fibre bristle brushes, so this ‘patent-pending’ brush was new to me. The brush is designed to grab the lashes and lift and curl them whilst separating them too.


From first application and after only using one layer I was really impressed! I could tell straight away that this mascara was going to suit my lashes; as it instantly lifted them and I could add layers to create more thickness and volume – which I love to be able to do with my mascaras.

I’m a fan of thick and volumized lashes, so I tend to layer a lot, and like to be able to do this without clumping my lashes.

Thats always a test for a good mascara in my eyes – being able to layer without clumping – and this mascara definitely allowed for this!

I actually only had to layer a few times to create my desired volume and thickness – a lot less layering than I usually do with my mascaras – and I loved the results!


It separated, volumized and curled – all in a few applications. The test for my lashes is how long the curl lasts and the picture above is after applying it in the morning and the picture below is how the mascara looked after about 4 hours.

I know 4 hours isn’t a test of how the mascara looks after 12 hours as it states, but if a mascara isn’t going to hold a curl on my lashes then I will be able to tell after a few hours anyway.

I couldn’t take a good picture after about 12 hours as the picture quality was awful without day light to take them in, but the curl was only dropping slightly by the evening.

Although I’m not too bothered about this, as I was super impressed by how well the curl had lasted into the afternoon anyway, and with my lashes I wouldn’t expect a curl to still look as amazing as it did when I first applied it!

If I was to wear this for a night out I would be confident that the curl would last all night and I will probably keep this as a going out mascara, as I just think it’s too good to use up by wearing it to work everyday!


It’s water-resistent but was fairly easy to remove with a good eye-make-up remover, I layer mascara quite a lot so need a good make-up remover to get rid of it all anyway.

Overall, I was super impressed with Benefit Roller Lash mascara and will definitely buy the full-sized product when this one runs out.

It ticked all the boxes for a good mascara for me, especially as my lashes are so difficult to work with!

Have you tried Benefit Roller Lash mascara yet? 

Anna x

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8 thoughts on “Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

    • The Look List says:

      Thanks! I definitely always have to curl them first! That’s why I was so impressed with this mascara because the curl stayed and it’s so difficult to get those results with my lashes! x


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