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Wishlist | Pastel Accessories

I love pastel colours and if I was to design my ideal bedroom it would be white with beautiful pastel pink, blue and mint green accessories.

I think accessorising with pastel colour items adds such a delicate and pretty touch to any outfit, and if you’re like me and have mostly dark clothes in your wardrobe, then adding some final details in pastel colours can pull an outfit together beautifully.

Wish List
I’ve picked a few items which I am absolutely loving and out of all the wish lists I’ve done, if I could click my fingers and have any, it would definitely be this one!

Michael Kors Blue Selma Bag £301

I already have a Selma bag in an off-white colour which I love and when I saw this one I just thought it was absolutely gorgeous!

I love the design of the Selma bag and this pale blue one is stunning – this would definitely be used all summer!

H&M Clutch Bag £12.99

One thing I don’t own enough of, is ‘going out’ bags (aside from a few black clutches).

But sometimes it’s nice to have a bag with a strap for nights out, rather than constantly being aware of keeping tight hold of your clutch incase you accidentally drop it or lose it!

So I chose this lovely ‘powder beige’ clutch from H&M; it’s roomy enough to carry lots of things and has a strap – which I love the gold detailing on. It would be a beautiful addition to a little black dress outfit.

Classic Slip-on Prism Pink/White Vans £59.95 

I love Vans slip-ons and I just couldn’t resist these in pastel pink! Vans are so comfy and versatile and I think these would look amazing in summer with denim shorts and summer dresses.

I actually love these more and more every time I look at them – they’re perfect for holiday! I keep picturing endless holiday outfits with them, so I think I’ll be adding these to my holiday list!

Mint Leave Swatch Watch £32

I’m a big fan of Swatch watches and own a few of them already, but I’ve always wanted one that wraps around the wrist and this one in mint green is amazing! How gorgeous would this look in summer?! Love it!

Newlook Mint Green Floral Print Iphone 5 Case £4.99

I’m in need of a new Iphone case but I’m reluctant to spend a lot on one, as I’m still unsure when I’ll be upgrading to an Iphone 6, so this one from Newlook is a bargain and I just love that floral design so much.

Kate Spade Silver Lining IPad Mini Case £55

This is another favourite item from the list! How beautiful is it?! I love pastel colours for my iPhone/iPad accessories and currently have a pastel blue iPad case, but if I was to get a new one it would definitely be this!

It says ‘find the silver lining’ which is a beautiful quote and a favourite of mine, so that just drew me to love this case even more!

Anna x

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