Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl Lipgloss

Bare Minerals ‘Give It A Twirl’ Lipgloss Duo

It’s no secret that I love bareMinerals and when I saw this lip gloss duo I just couldn’t resist it!

I was drawn to the unique packaging with two lip gloss colours being swirled together – not only do they look beautiful – but the colours are right up my street mixing my favourite lip colours together!

Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl Lipgloss

Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl Lipgloss

Left: Fuchsia Fizz | Right: Creamsicle

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip glosses are amazing and this ‘Give it a Twirl’ set combines two complimentary colours together and the combinations are gorgeous!

Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl Lipgloss

First up is Fuchsia Fizz – a mixture of Marvelous Moxie in Stunner and Rebel. This particular one is my favourite and the one that initially caught my eye.

I love pink/plum tones for lipsticks and lip glosses, especially pale pinks and pinky-purples and this one is the perfect combination of those colours!

Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl Lipgloss

I just love this lip gloss – it gives the most beautiful pinky-plum shade and I’ve been wearing this loads since I bought it.

It’s really pigmented and gives enough colour to wear alone, but I also like applying this over pink lipsticks too as it really compliments them.

Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl Lipgloss

This one is called Creamsicle and is a mixture of Marvellous Moxie in Trailblazer and Hot Shot and being a mix of coral and peach, make it the perfect gloss for summer!

The colours are just gorgeous and I don’t know why but they kind of remind me of those chewy fruit salad sweets that you can buy! I don’t know if that’s just me though!

Either way, it looks beautiful and again, colours that I really like and find really wearable.

Bare Minerals Give it a Twirl

I prefer lighter colours in lip glosses so I can wear them over lipsticks and this one has a kind of orange/peachy colour entwined with a coral-pink – perfect for summer!

They have kind of a ‘minty’ taste to them – which I particularly like in lip glosses anyway, as they feel really fresh and cooling on the lips.

They give great colour pay-off and are super glossy, but don’t feel sticky on the lips which is one of the main reasons why I really like Marvelous Moxie lip glosses.

Beauty blog, Bare Minerals give it a Twirl

Left: Creamsicle | Right:Fuchsia Fizz

Creamsicle looks a beautiful peachy shade on the lips and although it looks great now wearing it alone, I can’t wait to team it with peachy toned lipsticks in summer!

I’m really pleased I bought these now; as the colours they come out as, are even better than they look in the tube and I’ve really been enjoying wearing them!

What do you think of these colour combinations?

Have you ever tried Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses?

Anna x

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