Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

As soon as I saw my friend pull this cute little brush out of her bag – I knew I had to have it too!

I love Real Techniques brushes and have quite a few of their brush collections and they are probably the most used make-up brushes I own now.



If I’m looking to buy a new make-up brush, I always turn to Real Techniques first to see if there’s any that I don’t have and need for my collection.

I just think they are amazing quality for such a reasonable price and I love all the ones I have of theirs so far.

So, when I saw my friend using this for a quick touch up of blush and bronzer while we were out, I knew I had to get to Boots asap to get my own!


It’s small, compact and convenient and stays clean and protected in the retractable case.

It’s much more convenient than carrying a full-sized brush out with you for touch ups throughout the day, and with this; it stays free from dirt in your make-up bag and the bristles stay in good condition as the casing slides up the brush (see picture below), then as the lid goes on it pushes the case down protecting the brush and keeping the bristles intact.

Real Techniques Retractable kabuki brush

The bristles are super soft and fluffy and it applies blusher beautifully. I like to apply my blusher in circular motions right on the apples of my cheeks then slightly outwards towards my hairline – so the majority of the colour is on the apples of my cheeks and fades towards my hairline.

I found this brush amazing for that, as it’s full and rounded so you can buff it in circular motions and it distributes the colour really evenly.

real techniques retractable kabuki brush, beauty blog

The brush has an angled, yet full and rounded tip; making it really versatile as it applies both blusher and bronzer effectively.

Being cut on an angle makes it ideal for applying bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks. I mainly use mine for blusher, but when I use it for bronzer too, I just make sure it’s free from blusher then sweep it on an angle under my cheekbones and a little around my forehead and jaw line.


I originally bought this to carry around with me for touch ups throughout the day, but I’ve been using it to apply my blusher in my everyday make-up routine, as I just love how evenly it distributes and blends blusher.

This is yet another brilliant brush from Real Techniques and definitely a new favourite of mine and I’m so glad I bought it!

Somehow I doubt it will be my last purchase of theirs – I have my eyes on the Bold Metals Collection now!

Are you a fan of Real Techniques brushes? 

What Real Techniques brush would you would recommend? 

Anna x

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7 thoughts on “Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

    • The Look List says:

      They are my favourite brushes they are so good! The sets are amazing value for how many brushes you get in them. Yes it’s definitely perfect for travelling, especially that it can be used for blusher and bronzer! x


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