March Beauty Favourites

March Favourites

I wanted to share with you some of the products I’ve been enjoying using in the last month.

Some new — which have become instant favourites — and some which have been in my beauty stash for a while now, but recently started to enjoy using again!

March Beauty Favourites

First up is lips and two new additions — Mac Angel Lipstick and bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Fuchsia Fizz. Mac Angel has become a firm favourite every day lipstick; it’s a gorgeous pale pink which has a glossy finish to it and I just find it so easy to wear and it goes with anything.

March Beauty Favourites

I’ve been teaming it up with Marvelous Moxie Fuchsia Fizz lip gloss which I got in a lip gloss duo set.

March Beauty Favourites Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie

I just love the plum and pale pink colours and mixed together they make the most gorgeous shade and plum-pink lips are my absolute favourite.

March Beauty Favourites Bare Minerals Laughter Blush

I’ve had the bareMinerals blush in Laughter for a while now, but I’ve been recently enjoying using it again since the weather has been getting a little warmer and brighter.

I absolutely love their loose blushes and I actually have about 5 of them! They’re just so pigmented, blend beautifully and last ages. I love the colour of Laughter; it’s a gorgeous coral–rose and such a summery blush!

March Beauty Favourites Bare Minerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum

Another bareMinerals product with the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum which has been a firm favourite in my skin care routine since it came out and I love this stuff!

I mainly use it throughout winter when my skin is drier and needs more hydration, but I’ve started using this in my nightly routine again recently; as my skin has been feeling a little dry and I know that this really hydrates and moisturises it, and in the morning my skin looks really glowy and healthy!

Although I mainly use this throughout winter, I’m actually going to make an effort to use it every night regardless, as it just really improves the softness in my skin when I wake up in the morning and I’ve been noticing a change in my skin when I haven’t used it, so it definitely makes a difference!

March Favourites May Pandora Birthstone Ring

Lastly, not a beauty product, but a new ring my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary in March and I’ve literally not had it off since! It’s the Pandora May birthstone ring and I’ve wanted it for ages and he surprised me with it for our anniversary.

March Favourites May Pandora Birthstone Ring

It’s such a beautiful ring and the gorgeous turquoise colour of the stone is just stunning! I love Pandora jewellery so this has fit well into my jewellery collection!

What products have you been enjoying using recently?

Anna x

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9 thoughts on “March Favourites

    • The Look List says:

      Thank you! :-) It’s such a gorgeous lip gloss! I’m really careful using it because I don’t want to ruin the swirly design! The bareMinerals blushes are gorgeous I definitely recommend them! The pots last ages too! x


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