Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

Max Factor ‘Angel Pink’ – The perfect shade for Spring 

As a lover of pink lipsticks, a shade that has been a firm favourite in my collection for a while now is the Max Factor Colour Elixir in Angel Pink.

Being a lovely bright, pearlescent pink, I always like to wear this during the spring/summer months and with these bouts of sunny days we’ve been having lately, I’ve brought it back out of my lipstick holder and into my everyday make-up bag to start wearing again!

Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

Albeit we haven’t been having a lot of sunny weather, but when it has been I’ve seized the opportunity to wear more bronzed make-up looks and colours like this are my go-to shades to compliment my skin tone when I have a slightly warmer complexion.


Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

I’m still very pale but I just like to add a little more bronzer and this kind of pearly-pink shade suits me better with a warmer complexion.

Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

I’ve recently repurchased this, as my first one is getting to the very last traces of it, so I’m currently trying to use that up so I can start using this lovely new one!

I’m very much a Mac lipstick girl — being the most dominant brand in my collection — and I don’t actually own many Max Factor lipsticks, but when I first bought this a while back I was just instantly drawn to the light pink, pearly colour and I’ve forgotten just how much I love wearing it!

Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

I definitely need to take another look at the Colour Elixir range as this is just so lovely to wear as the formula is really soft and moisturising on the lips.

They actually contain shea, avocado and aloe butters in their ingredients and the formula is very moisturising and it really does feel lovely and smooth to apply!

Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

The colour payoff is amazing, it’s so highly pigmented that a little goes a very long way and as this is very pink I do like to use it sparingly. I just glide it across my lips to gently coat them and then blend out with a lip brush.

Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

I would describe the colour as having a kind of frosty, shimmery finish to it with a shine, which I personally love in lipsticks.

I much prefer a lipstick with a little shimmer as it adds some colour dimension and I always go for lipsticks with a glossy or shine finish as matte colours just don’t generally suit me.

Max Factor Angel Pink Lipstick

I love wearing this in warmer months, as for me it definitely compliments my skin tone when I’m wearing a more bronzed make-up look, and it’s one of my favourite pinks to wear throughout spring/summer and I’m so happy I can start wearing it again!

Do you have a favourite lipstick shade for spring/summer?

What are your go-to shades for the warmer months?

Anna x

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