Bare Minerals BB Prime Time Primer

Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer SPF 30

I’m talking about a product that I have so much love for today, and there’s so many reasons why I think this product is simply amazing!

I’ve been a fan of the bareMinerals Prime Time Primer ever since I first tried it with the starter kit years ago. I was wearing it religiously until this one came out — the bareMinerals Prime Time BB Primer–Cream SPF 30. I first received it as a present for my birthday last year, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Bare Minerals BB Prime Time Primer

I got it in May last year and it has only just ran out now, so I’ve recently purchased a fresh new bottle and I wanted to share with you the many reasons why I love this stuff! I’m so impressed that its lasted me just short of a full year and I think that’s great considering I wear it nearly every day.

It’s a 30ml bottle and you only need to use a small amount (one pump) for it to evenly smooth over and cover the face, which is why it probably lasts such a long time.

Bare Minerals BB Prime Time Primer

But, one of the main reasons why I love this stuff and will always repurchase it, is that it contains SPF 30. I always wear SPF every day — even in winter — as I just think it’s so important and a really good habit to get into early. I wish I had been wearing SPF daily from being a teenager to be honest, rather than just on holiday, but it’s never too late to start and I’ve been using products with SPF in them on a daily basis for years now.

Throughout the winter and all year round I will use this everyday as my daily defence SPF, but throughout the summer I do use an actual sunscreen with SPF 45 as I do feel as though I need that extra protection throughout the summer, especially as I have such a pale complexion. But, I will use that then apply this over the top anyway as my primer.

Being SPF 30, as well as a primer and BB cream, makes this product the perfect multi–tasker and will probably cut out using and layering with so many other creams, as this is an amazing ‘all–in-one’ product. It has so many uses all rolled into one, and anything that cuts down my getting ready time in the mornings is a bonus for me!

Bare Minerals BB Prime Time Primer

It’s designed to ‘perfect, protect and prime’ all in one and has a hint of skin–perfecting coverage being slightly tinted. I use the shade Light, but they also have Fair, Medium and Tan. I have a fair complexion, so I could also use the Fair shade, but I actually decided to repurchase this in Light as I just prefer the hint of colour it gives. I’d say the colour of the Light cream has a kind of yellow–tinge but it’s just a hint of colour and once it’s blended out it leaves a lovely, sheer coverage that on ‘good skin’ days I can wear it alone, but I most often always use foundation over the top anyway.

It helps to diminish the appearance of discolouration, imperfections and evens out uneven skin tone and I really do find that my skin immediately looks so much better after applying this. It makes it look more radiant and evens out the skin tone and in my opinion, really does minimises the look of pores too; I feel as though my skin looks ‘smoothed out’ (if that even makes sense!) and is fully prepped and ready for foundation.

Bare Minerals BB Prime Time Primer

Product blended out

The formula itself is lightweight and silky smooth to apply and it provides the perfect base for foundation. I use it with either bareMinerals Original Mineral foundation, which is a mineral powder or Estée Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light and it makes the application of applying either of these foundations easier, as the smooth base helps them to just glide or buff over the skin effortlessly, providing a flawless finish.

Looking back to when I was younger and just getting into make-up, I have no idea how I coped without using primer all those years! I just didn’t really know about it and I’m just thinking of all those times when I tried to get foundation to look nice and it just went patchy and all I probably needed was a good primer!

When I first started wearing foundation, I actually use to mix it in with a blob of moisturiser so it would go on more smoothly, so I was on the right track!

Anyway, back to this and the final use this product has is that it helps to combat flaky dryness and excess oil which again, helps to really smooth out the skin and make it even all over so foundation has a clean ‘canvas’ to go to on; with no oil or flaky areas to hinder its application.

Bare Minerals BB Prime Time Primer

On a final note, (as I think I’ve fully dissected this product enough!), I just think the multi–tasker that this primer is, makes it such a great product; it’s providing so many benefits for your skin while you’re wearing it. It leaves you confident that you’re not only prepping and perfecting the skin for foundation, but you’re protecting it too — and in my opinion that’s the most important thing you can do for your skin.

Anna x

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2 thoughts on “Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer SPF 30

    • The Look List says:

      If you love the original ones then you will love this! I use to use the original but then changed to this, it’s just great that it’s a primer but also has the added benefits of a BB cream and spf 30! Definitely a product I’ll always repurchase! x

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