My Must-Have Make-Up & Beauty Tools

Todays post is about some of the beauty and make-up tools that I use on a regular/daily basis which aren’t actually ‘make-up’ as such.

I wanted to share some of the items that I couldn’t live without which either help me to apply my makeup effectively or help with my make-up/beauty routine.


Some are not make-up ‘tools’ as such, but I consider them a product or item that helps me with my make-up routine in some way.

make-up tools, make-up brush cleaner

I probably use all of the products pictured almost daily, apart from this — the bareMinerals ‘well–cared for’ brush conditioning shampoo — which I use on a regular basis to clean all my make-up brushes. I thoroughly believe in cleaning make-up brushes regularly, especially foundation, bronzer and blusher brushes which are being applied all over the face daily.

I use to use baby shampoo until I received this last May for my birthday and it’s so good! It’s made cleaning my brushes so much quicker and easier as it thoroughly cleans all the product out of them really quickly. It’s a foaming lather, so you only need a small amount and it conditions the bristles as well as clean them. This is the same bottle I received last year and it has lasted me ages as it’s a good size containing 120ml and it’s still really full.

make-up tools, eyebrow brush

Although this is technically a make-up item, I have included it in this post as I have two uses for it and one is to help me apply my brow products effectively: I use a clean, dry wand to firstly brush my brows in place to prepare them for any brow products that I’m going to use, so it helps me to apply the products effectively. When I buy a new clear mascara, I clean the wand and keep it in my make-up bag as my dry brow brush, before throwing the old product away. So I always carry two brushes, one dry to brush them in place before applying products and one with the gel to set and define them.

I’ve used Collection clear mascara’s on my eyebrows for years now since being a teenager. This one is the Colour Lash All Day Wear Colour Mascara in Clear and they are just such reasonable prices — especially for a clear mascara that I’m only going to use on my eyebrows — and I don’t exactly want to spend loads on it! I love using a clear mascara to brush through my eyebrows so they look neat and tidy and stay in place.

It’s just such a small effort but makes such a big difference to how my brows look. It doesn’t make them go stiff or harden and they still look natural with just a quick brush of this to keep them in place. As it’s such a reasonable price, I don’t mind repurchasing it on a regular basis so I have a clean, clear gel as often as possible, as sometimes the products I use in my brows (powders etc.) discolours the gel slightly over time.

make-up tools, Shu Uemura eyelash curler

When I switched to using Shu Uemura eyelash curlers over more cheaper drug store brand curlers, I literally couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on! They are a little more pricey initially, but last so much longer and make a massive difference to my lashes. I can actually say that other brands I had been using before didn’t really do anything for my lashes, and I couldn’t believe that I could ever get my lashes as curled as they get with these and also keep their curl!

They are an absolute must–have in my opinion and I will always repurchase them! A sales assistant told me that they need repurchasing when the hinges become looser and the silicone pads seem like they need replacing. This is my second pair and I absolutely do not mind purchasing a new pair every year or so as I just think they are so worth it!

I did notice a big difference when I bought a new pair after having used the same pair for ages, as the hinges are tighter and the pads are stiffer so give optimum results. I have really straight lashes and these are the only curlers that work for me, so I don’t mind paying around £20 for them.

make-up tools, Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails

I use to have really short bitten nails for years until one day I just literally stopped biting them and began to enjoy having nice nails. My nails never grow really long and they’re not very strong so I use a lot of nail care products to keep them in as good condition as possible. I change my nail varnish colour about 1–2 times a week too, so using a lot of nail varnish remover doesn’t help. I’ve always used Sally Hansen nail care products and this particular one has been brilliant at strengthening my nails.

It’s the Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener and I use it before and after applying polish. It dries so quickly and has really helped hardened my nails a lot since using it and they are a lot stronger and less prone to chipping. I think this is about my 3rd repurchase of this and I will continue to use it as I haven’t found anything else better than this for strengthening my nails.

make-up tools, Benefit Tweezers

Two smaller — but just as important — items next. First up is these tiny Benefit tweezers that came in the Brow Zings palette. I think these are amazing and do the job brilliantly! They are sharp enough to be really precise with tweezing and I have a few pairs now that have come with other palettes.

I know everyone goes on about Tweezerman tweezers and I obviously would love a pair one day, but these Benefit ones have been a must-have in my make-up bag for years now and have always tweezed my brows effectively. I don’t pluck everyday as I like to keep my brows full, so I just check every other day to see if they need tidying up anywhere.

make-up tools, eyeliner duo Boots sharpener

Lastly, is this Boots duo Pencil Sharpener. It’s cheap at only £2 and is just as effective as more expensive sharpeners out there. I have included this as a vital item as I just think it’s so important to sharpen eyeliners regularly to keep them clean and they are also just so much more effective when they have a pointed rather than blunt end.

Some sharpeners I have used in the past have ruined my eyeliners by not being sharp enough and taking off too much so it breaks, but this is great for sharpening effectively and I also love that it is encased so you can carry it in your make-up bag for emergency use without worrying that it will spill sharpening’s everywhere!

What beauty tools and items are your ‘must–have’s’ for helping you apply your make-up effectively?

Anna x

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6 thoughts on “My Must-Have Make-Up & Beauty Tools

    • The Look List says:

      Thank you! :-) I’m the same! I make sure I always have these items with me in my make-up bag! I find a good base coat for keeping nails in good condition is essential and it’s really helped my once weak nails – I’d never apply varnish without it! x


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