Spring Make-up Looks

Spring Make-up Essentials | Corals and Pinks

Today’s post I’ll be showing you a few of the essential make-up items that make up my favourite spring make-up look at the moment.

I’m really loving coral–pink shades for lips and cheeks with a really highlighted, fresh–faced base.

Spring Make-up Looks

I love keeping my make-up looking fresh and bright throughout spring and summer, and coral has been my go-to shade lately as I just find it really flattering and it creates a healthy and fresh–faced look..

Spring make-up looks

I just love the gorgeous coral–pink shade of this Pretty Amazing Lipcolor from bareMinerals — to me it’s just the perfect spring shade for the lips. It’s not too bright either so it’s really wearable for during the day too.

bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor Charisma

What I love most about the Pretty Amazing Lipcolors is that they’re super pigmented and have all the colour of a lipstick, but with a really hydrating and glossy formula.

bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor Charisma

It leaves lips feeling really smooth and looking super shiny too, which is perfect for me as I’m a big fan of glossy — rather than matte — lips.

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter, bareMinerals All over Radiance Clear Radiance

For a really healthy glow I use two products in similar shades to each other, but with different finishes. Firstly, I use the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter on my cheekbones for a really radiant, dewy glow.

I’d say the colour is like a peachy–pink–champagne and it has a lovely shimmery finish to it. I love this as it just applies the right amount of ‘glow’ to the skin without leaving the face looking ‘shiny’.

Spring Make-up Looks, bareMinerals All over Face Color Clear Radiance

Next I use the bareMinerals All–Over Face Color in Clear Radiance. This stuff is amazing! I literally love this little pot as it can be used all over the face to give a really natural–looking, luminous finish to the skin.

I’d say the colour is like a peachy–pink with a beautiful, pearlescent shimmer that gives the most gorgeous, natural–looking glow to the face. After I’ve applied the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter on my cheekbones, I then apply a light dusting of this powder all around my face (forehead, centre of the nose, cupids bow and brow-bones). Both products really compliment each other to create lovely, dewy skin.

Benefit Coralista

For cheeks, I use an all–time favourite blush of mine — Benefit CORALista. This is one of my most favourite shades of blush, as it’s the perfect coral shade for brightening the face and warming the complexion.

Benefit Coralista

It really is such a complimenting shade, especially as I have quite pale skin and want a blush that warms up my complexion but without being too bold. It’s such a tropical looking blush and prefect for the spring/summer months when you want to really brighten the face up.

Benefit Coralista

I’m a big fan of Benefit blushes, they just apply so evenly and have the most amazing pigment too. You get so much product in them that they last absolutely ages as well, and this particular blush smells gorgeous too!

Eos Lip balm sphere

Lastly, an item that I always carry around with me — an EOS lip balm sphere. I fell in love with these when I first got one and they’ve been a staple in my make-up bag ever since.

Eos Lip balm sphere

I can’t actually remember the flavour of this, as I mainly chose it because of the pink sphere packaging! it smells gorgeous though, and really keeps my lips feeling smooth and soft.

Eos Lip balm sphere

These balms are also great for prepping the lips before lipstick too; I use mine everyday before I apply any lip product and also throughout the day to keep my lips feeling soft and moisturised.

I definitely want to try some of the newer flavours and have my eye on the Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint ones as they just sound like they smell and taste amazing!

Spring Make-up

Those are all the products I’ve been using lately to create my go–to spring make-up look, what make–up items do you like using throughout spring? 

Anna x

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8 thoughts on “Spring Make-up Essentials | Corals and Pinks

    • The Look List says:

      Thanks hun! I love EOS lip balms too, definitely want to try some different flavours! Yeah the No7 highlighter is like a cream stick, so you sweep it on and then gently blend. It’s such a great product and so reasonably priced too. I’ve wrote a full post of how I use it here if you would like to see it on, as I have pictures of me wearing it http://bit.ly/1ahAe4b Hope that helps! :-) xx


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