Holiday Packing: My Essential Items

I’m going away on holiday next week and literally so excited, I’ve been counting down the days since we booked it and it feels so good to know that this day next week I’ll be on my way!

I’ve just started the process of getting everything ready; sorting through what clothes and toiletries I want to take and buying any new bits and pieces I need.

Holiday Packing: My Essential Items

I didn’t have a lot of new things to buy, as I already have loads of holiday clothes I’d bought for my holiday last year that I haven’t worn since, and I’m also going to take and use up a lot of products that are half full rather than buy new or ‘miniature’ versions of them.

The only things I really needed was a few new bikinis and some essential toiletries that I’d run out of or didn’t have. So all in all, I’ve done quite well with not spending on unnecessary purchases and now have more money to take as spending money! So, these are a few of the items and products that are my must-haves to take away on holiday with me.

Holiday Packing: My Essential Travel Items

I like to take about 3 pairs of sunglasses with me to go with different outfits, but my current favourites are these Erika Ray-Ban’s which I bought at the airport on my way home from my holiday to Menorca in May last year. So they’ve only been worn on one holiday when I went away in September, and I can’t wait to wear them again!

I don’t like to use my Ray-Ban’s for general everyday use, as I kind of like to save my best sunglasses for holidays and nice days out and wear cheaper ones for being outside at work and driving etc.

Erika Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I know it’s probably a bit of waste as they hardly get used, but I only really have two nice pairs which are both Ray-Ban’s and I spent a lot on them, so I like to keep them in good condition! So these gorgeous ‘tortoise shell’ ones will come away with me, along with some black Ray-Ban Aviators I have.

So that’s two very different pairs I’ll be packing that will work with different types of outfits and I’ll also take a cheaper pair to have by the pool with me, which I can just ‘throw on’ without worrying about getting suncream on them!

No7 BB Lips spf 15 lip balm Ballerina

Another absolute essential is an SPF lip balm. It’s important to not forget about wearing SPF on your lips! I take a few with me, one clear or neutral ‘stick’ type balm — which is handy to have by the pool for quick touch-up’s and reapplying — and another one in a nice shade for wearing while walking out and about, when you actually want some colour on your lips!

I’ve had this gorgeous No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm SPF 15 in Ballerina for a few months ready to take away with me on holiday and I can’t wait to wear it! It’s a gorgeous nude-pink shade which is super wearable for everyday and a really flattering colour. It was meant to be saved for my holidays, but I’ve been wearing it a bit since I bought as I love the shade, but now it’s going to get put away with my ‘things to take’ products ready to be sorted and packed!

Erika Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Next is facial sunscreens — Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45 and Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin Soothing Cream SPF 50. I’m taking both as I think I’m over half-way through Benefit Dream Screen and I’m worried I might run out! I don’t really sunbathe and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible by sitting under umbrellas by the pool or on the beach, but I still like to make sure I’m fully protected.

I love Dream Screen and have raved about it in previous posts so I wont go into too much detail, but the main reasons I love it is that it contains a very high SPF, which is very important to me as I like to use products with high SPF as I have a really pale complexion and burn easily.

It’s an invisible silky-matte sunscreen which feels really light-weight on the skin and dries matte with no sticky or tacky feeling. As it dries super quick, there’s also no waiting around for ages for it to absorb fully before putting make-up on.

Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45 and Lancaster Sun Delicate Cream SPF 50

I also love Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin Soothing Cream SPF 50, as again, it’s a high SPF and I like to use this for reapplying if I’m having a day by the pool or on a beach and don’t want to use up all my Benefit Dream Screen through constant reapplying after going in and out of the pool! It’s also great for being fast drying and not leaving a sticky feeling on the face.

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Leave-In Spray

When I’m going to be having a day by the pool or on a beach I like to make sure my hair is protected. I think it’s important not to forget to use a leave-in sun protector for the hair, as hair also gets damaged by the sun and needs protection too.

I use the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Leave-In Spray and just take the 50ml ‘take-aways’ size with me as it’s more than enough! I spritz it on wet, slightly towel-dried hair and comb it through before drying and styling as normal. It’s also great for smoothing the hair as well as protecting it from harmful sun exposure.

Batiste mini dry shampoo

Finally, another holiday essential of mine is dry shampoo. A must-have for when you don’t have time to wash your hair after a day out in the sun and need to ‘refresh’ it for the evening.

I always make sure I have a Batiste mini dry shampoo to refresh my hair for the evening for when I’ve been out and about all day and don’t have time to wash it. Obviously, I’ll wash it if I’ve been by the pool all day and my hairs wet and tangled from being tied up!

So, those are a few of the essential items that I’ll be taking away on holiday with me and all I need to do now is pack, which is my mission for this weekend!

What are the essential items you like to take away with you on holiday?

Anna x

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