Holiday Packing: Versatile Accessories

This is the last pre-holiday related post and I wanted to share a few of my favourite accessories which I think are perfect for holidays, as they’re versatile and can update an outfit instantly, without having to take loads of different accessories.

I think it’s important to choose wisely with which accessories to take on holiday, and best to just choose a few versatile ones which will go with everything so it condenses how much you have to pack.


I like to choose colours such as black, white and grey for my accessories, as I know that they will  compliment any outfit.

Holiday Accessories, White Swatch Watch

I like to take a white watch, as I think black watches can sometimes be a little harder to style with more summery outfits, and a white watch just pulls everything together nicely and keeps the outfit looking fresh, light and summery.

Holiday Accessories, White Swatch Watch

I love my white silver-dial Swatch watch as it has just enough detail to keep it from looking too plain but without having too much detail that it takes the focus off an outfit. It also has a silicone strap which is perfect for taking on holiday as it can just be wiped if it gets wet and wipes clean easily.

Holiday Accessories, Scarves, holiday scarves

I love taking a few ‘floaty’ scarves with me to update outfits and these two from Primark are perfect. I’ve had them for a few years now and they’ve come on all holidays with me since buying them!

They’re such versatile colours and I prefer wearing the grey in the day time as it’s quite understated and goes with anything; and the black one with subtle leopard print is perfect for evening outfits.

They’re sheer and floaty and just drape around the shoulder without feeling heavy or bulky, which makes them perfect for hot sunny weather. They literally go with almost any outfit and I never go on holiday without packing these!

Whistles Shiny Croc-Embossed Clutch Small

An evening clutch is a must-have and I absolutely adore my Whistles shiny croc-embossed small clutch. Clutches are perfect to take on holiday as they don’t take up much room and go with all your evening outfits, so I’m probably going to take two small clutches in different colours so I have a choice depending on what I’m wearing.

Black is always a perfect choice for an evening bag as it will go with almost everything, but I’m also going to take a lighter cream colour clutch as well so I have a choice out of two.

Whistles Shiny Croc-Embossed Clutch Small

I love jewellery and will be taking all my favourite pieces such as my Pandora bracelets which I always wear, but I’m also going to be packing these gorgeous pastel pink earrings from River Island, as the pastel shade will work with any outfit and I just think they’re perfect for summer.

They’re not something I’d wear on an everyday basis as they are quite a statement earring and I prefer just wearing studs day-to-day, but I think being on holiday is a time when you can wear more bolder, statement pieces for everyday. These are a such a versatile earring for on holiday as they can be worn both during the day and in the evenings too.

I actually go on holiday today (yeay), so this will be my last pre-holiday related post! I have all my posts scheduled for while I’m away though, and I can’t wait to share some of my holiday pictures with you when I get back!

Anna x

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