Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes

I love using eye cream and use it religiously every night, and the one I’ve been using most recently is Clinique All About Eyes.

I love using eye cream and use it religiously every night, and the one I’ve been using most recently is Clinique All About Eyes. This particular eye cream is recommended for using both morning and night which I have been for the last few weeks, and so far I’m super impressed with the results!

Clinique All About Eyes

It’s a lightweight cream with a velvety gel-like consistency which helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines whilst also de-puffing the eye area. I find it really hydrating and refreshing to use, and it absorbs really quickly, so it’s great for the mornings when you need to apply make-up over it. I’ve definitely noticed that make-up applies really smoothly over it and one of its benefits is that it helps to hold make-up in place.

Having had a little read up about the product on the website, it actually says it’s to be used on the lids as well as under the eyes. I actually didn’t know it was meant to be used on the lids as well, and thought it was just to be applied under the eyes and kind of around the brow bone area, so I’ve took the application advice on board and have been using it the recommended way.

A small amount goes a long way with this cream, and I just dab my finger in the pot and gently pat it around my eye area (but not directly under the lash line) and it absorbs really quickly without leaving the area sticky or tacky. It actually absorbs so well that it just disappears leaving a smooth surface and a brighter eye area, which is why it’s probably such a good base for eye make-up to go over it!

Clinique All About Eyes

It contains botanicals, proteins and anti-oxidants to help fade under eye darkness, eliminate puffiness and strengthen the overall skin around the eye area against environmental damage. I don’t particularly suffer from really dark circles, and the main reason I use this is for smoothing the overall eye area to make it feel less tight and dry and also to help prevent fine lines.

So I can’t comment on how it has reduced the appearance of dark circles, although I have noticed it has made my eye area look lot brighter and feel less tight. I especially notice this after having applied it in the mornings when my eyes are tired and from initial application, my eye area instantly feels less tight and really refreshed and ‘awake’.

But the main thing I’ve been loving noticing is the overall improvement in the appearance of my eye area. Most specifically how smoother it looks and make-up really has been applying so much better under my eyes since using it, as the skin under my eyes just feels so much softer and smoother.

Clinique All About Eyes

I love using this cream and actually look forward to using it as it feels lovely and cooling on the skin. I’m really pleased with the smoothness of my under eye area, as that area for me is prone to feeling quite tight, especially in the mornings and straight after washing my face.

So I kind of have to apply cream straight after washing my face to avoid that tight, dry feeling for too long, and this instantly relieves that feeling. That’s why I particularly love using this cream in the mornings; for instant relief and also, the fact that I’m using eye cream twice a day is making me feel better knowing that I’m caring for my eye area properly!

I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out as I’m really happy with the results. The only drawback I have is that it has a use by of 6 months once opened, and to me it looks like the amount in the pot could actually last a bit longer!

Clinique All About Eyes

But I suppose with eye creams in the past I’ve only really used them at night-time as I just forget to use it in the mornings, so they’ve lasted me longer than 6 months. So, with this needing to be used both morning and night I hope that it will take me up to the 6 months mark without having a lot of product left unused so it gets wasted.

Overall, I’m loving the results of this cream! I really enjoy using it as well and it feels like I’m really caring for my eye area, as it just feels so smoothing, hydrating and gentle on the skin.

Have you ever tried Clinique All About Eyes?

What’s your favourite eye cream to use?

Anna x

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5 thoughts on “Clinique All About Eyes

    • The Look List says:

      Its definitely made such a difference so far I’m loving using it! I agree, I like the fact that I can use this on my lids too as it keeps them smooth but absorbs really well so it’s not greasy for putting make-up on after! Hope you enjoy using it too when you try it! xx


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