Kefalonia Greece, Cath Kidston Bag

Holiday | Kefalonia

I’ve recently come back from an amazing holiday in Kefalonia and wanted to share some of my favourite pictures. I’ve never been to Greece before and I absolutely loved every minute of it, from the warm weather with a lovely breeze from the coast, the beautiful little towns and villages to visit and the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted!

We stayed at Tesoro Blu, a gorgeous couples only hotel and spa in the beach resort of Skala and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It had a large infinity pool and the architecture was stunning, with a really modern design overlooking the Ionian Sea and it was pure luxury!

Kefalonia Greece, Tesoro Blu Hotel and Spa

I loved the contemporary design of the hotel and the rooms were really spacious with the most comfiest bed I’ve ever stayed in! I remember reading a lot of reviews about the resort before we went and the comfy beds were forever being commented on, so I couldn’t wait to try them out and I wasn’t disappointed!

Kefalonia Greece, Cath Kidston Bag

Our flight was delayed on our first night so the hotel staff stayed up until 1am to feed all the guests arriving late, which was a lovely touch as we were all expecting to have to raid our mini fridges when we got to our rooms!

Greece, Ionian Sea

They had a brilliant singer on in the evenings singing a mixture of modern and classic songs and there were also Greek dancing nights along with wine tasting and cocktail making classes so there was always plenty to do.

Tesoro Blu Hotel, Private Cabana

Birthday meal in a private cabana  

It was my birthday on holiday and my boyfriend decorated the room with balloons and presents while I was in the shower, so it was a lovely surprise to come out to! I loved that it was a hotel and spa and I enjoyed some treatments in the morning getting my nails done and having a little pamper!

Tesoro Blu Hotel and Spa, Red Snapper

Trying Red Snapper for the first time — so good!

We went kayaking in the afternoon and finished the day off with a birthday meal under a private cabana which you can pre-book, so we had the most amazing dinner at the front of the hotel by the beautifully lit-up infinity pool with a sea view and it was lovely just being the two of us!

Kefalonia Greece, Kayaking

We love kayaking so we actually did this again a few days later but by ourselves this time instead of in a two-person kayak, which was a little scary at first as it seemed to be a lot wobblier than having both of us in but I soon got use to it!

Kayaking in the Ionian Sea

Kayaking in Kefalonia

Kayaking in the Ionian Sea

Kayaking on my own for the first time!

The water was so clear and it was an amazing feeling! I kept checking for any dark shadows lurking underneath us but the most I saw was some coral and seaweed! Which was a good job because I don’t know what I’d do if I saw something big swimming beneath us!

Tesoro Blu Hotel, Stripe Maxi Dress

Greece Blue Caves

Visiting the Blue Caves in Zakynthos


Stunning bright white pebbles and turquoise sea at Myrtos Beach 

Ithaca Greece

Beautiful turquoise waters on a boat trip to a secluded beach in Ithaca

Greek Coffee in Vathy

Enjoying a Greek coffee in Vathy 

We went on a few trips while we were there and we did the Premier Kefalonia tour, Zante Cruise and Idyllic Ithaca tour. We visited the Melissani Cave on a small boat ride during the Premier Kafalonia tour, which took us for a ride on the beautiful lake inside the cave.

Melissani Cave Kefalonia

The cave has two chambers with part of the roof of one of the chambers missing as it caved in centuries ago and the views were just stunning as the sunlight enters through the open roof hitting the turquoise-blue waters.

Flowers in Fiskardo, Greece

We also visited Fiskardo, a beautiful Greek harbour village which was left virtually undamaged during a 1953 earthquake which ruined most pf the historic villages in Kefalonia. I loved walking around the village looking at all the stunning pastel-washed tavernas and the beautiful flowers decorating them.

Flowers in Fiskardo, Greece

Flowers in Fiskardo, Greece

We actually felt a small earthquake while we were there! I was asleep on my sun lounger when I woke to what I thought was my boyfriend really shaking my chair, so I sat up and everyone was looking up at each other thinking what was that! It only lasted a few seconds but it was quite scary!

Fiskardo, Greece

Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia, Greece

I obviously need to mention the food and the food at the hotel was amazing! We actually only ate out a few nights while we were there because it was so nice at the hotel!

I do like having a change of scenery and evening walks though, so it was nice eating out for a few of the nights trying the different restaurants, but we mostly always came back to the hotel at the end to listen to the singer and have cocktails — the cocktails were so good!

Souvlaki at Old Times, Kefalonia

One of the restaurants we loved was called Old Times and I had the most delicious Souvlaki, which is meat skewers with vegetables served with flat bread and it was amazing! We actually ate there twice because we loved the food so much!

Kefalonia, Greece

It’s fair to say I would definitely love to go back, and both me and my boyfriend are already looking at the next place we’d like to go to in Greece, so if you have any recommendations then let me know!

Anna x

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