Mini Travel Essentials with Boots Extracts

I love taking mini toiletries on holiday as opposed to full size versions which take up too much room and I usually end up bringing them back still practically full!

I received this lovely Boots Extracts Mini Travel Collection Hat Box as a birthday gift from a friend which contains 4 mini travel products which are essential for taking on holiday, as they are all 100ml or less so just enough for a week away.


What I love about this set is that each item is a different fruity scent and they all smell amazing! The Cocoa Butter Body Butter is my favourite scent, followed by the Strawberry Body Wash — but honestly they all smell delicious and I can’t wait for my next holiday or weekend away to start using them properly!


I’ve tried them all for this post to see how well they work and also how long lasting the scents are, but I’ll be saving them now as they are really handy for weekends away or if I go on holiday again soon.


They’re also made with some ingredients which are sourced and comply with Fairtrade Standards wherever  possible, which is important to note as that means it’s supporting the future prosperity of their producer’s communities in developing countries.

They also don’t contain parabens, which I was happy to find out after reading the ingredients, as I do try to stay away from products containing parabens as much as I can.


First up is the Strawberry Body Wash which smells gorgeous and contains organic strawberry fruit extract and it really does smell like strawberries!

It is also made with honey which helps to bind moisture in the skin and it was lovely to use, it really lathered up and the scent was strong and my skin didn’t feel dry afterwards.


The Cocoa Butter is my favourite product as I love a really nourishing body butter and this is so thick and creamy and smells so good!

It looked so silky in the pot and I really didn’t want to spoil it by using it, but I had to try it out! It was just as I thought, velvety smooth to touch and so moisturising on the skin.


It really moisturised my skin and absorbed quick leaving my skin super soft without any sticky felling. The scent was long lasting too which I was really pleased about as cocoa butter is one of my favourite scents!


The Coconut Body Scrub is a great addition, as I love taking a body scrub on holiday with me as my skin gets quite dry with having to apply loads of suncream then washing it off in the evenings before going out.

So I like to use a scrub to make sure I really buff and polish away dry skin and I just always feel better after using a scrub. It contains Shea butter which is great for moisturising and coconut oil and it worked great to exfoliate my skin without the scrubby particles feeling too harsh and leaving it dry.

My skin felt really soft afterwards and I loved using the body butter straight after it. The smell is gorgeous at first but wears off soon after and it didn’t have as strong a scent as the other products, but I didn’t mind as I loved the results anyway.


Lastly, another great addition is the Vanilla Body Spray which smells so beautiful! I love the smell of vanilla in products and this smells gorgeous! I always take a body spray on holiday as well as perfumes, as I prefer wearing body spray’s during the day and taking them in my beach bag to refresh with throughout the day rather than using up my perfumes.

I also find that they are a lot more lightly fragranced for during the day as I prefer to wear a strong scent in the evenings and that way I only have to pack one evening fragrance and a day time body mist and this one is the perfect summery scent!

This smelt lovely spraying all over my body after moisturising with the body butter and both fragrances really complimented each other. It’s my new favourite body mist and it’s the perfect summer fragrance for during the day, I’m now just torn as to whether to start using it now or save it for holidays!

Anna x

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