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My Top 4 Highlighters For Pale Skin Tones

I love using highlighter and it’s my favourite make-up product to apply. It just makes such a difference in the way my skin looks, going from dull and tired looking to leaving it with a healthy, radiant glow and adding the finishing touch to my make-up.

I’m quite fussy with highlighter and having such pale skin means that I have to be careful with what shades I use, as I love a really highlighted, all-over luminous effect (rather than just a sweep of shimmer), but the colour needs to be just right so it doesn’t look too heavy or warm for my skin.

Highlighters for pale skin tones

So I tend to go for more champagne, soft peach and pale pink shades over golden or yellow toned highlighters. I still have to be careful with pink and peach shades though, and they have to be soft peaches and pale pinks to give the right ‘highlighted’ effect and not be too warm for my skin that they end up giving the opposite effect!

So, after trying out various shades over the years, I’ve managed to find the perfect selection that work for my skin tone.

Nars Albatross Highlighter

I decided to give Nars Albatross (above) a whirl after reading all the great reviews on it and was so pleased to find that it was the right shade for me! I would say that the shade is a light ivory–cream with a golden sheen, but it’s soft and delicate and definitely not too golden for my skin tone.

The colour payoff and overall effect is stunning, giving a really luminous glow to the skin. I would say this is the strongest highlighter I own being the most shimmery and I love this for creating a really defined, highlighted cheekbone and usually save this more for nights out rather than during the day.

Mac Soft and Gentle is my go-to highlighter for everyday as it’s a beautiful, soft, peach-bronze and creates the most gorgeous all over luminous radiance which makes your skin look flawless! It really does have a lovely, soft effect on the skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

Mac Soft and Gentle

This is my favourite peach toned highlighter and is soft enough for my pale skin. It has just enough shimmer without being too overpowering and ‘glisteny’, which makes it perfect to use both day and night.

Mac Soft and Gentle

The next two highlighters are more pink and champagne shades. I love the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter for giving a dewy finish to the skin. It’s a stick rather than powder highlighter and the shade is like a peachy–pink–champagne.

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

It has a lovely shimmery finish to it which isn’t too shimmery but has just the right amount to give a beautiful all-over radiance and healthy glow to the skin — but without looking shiny — which can sometimes be the case with cream/stick formulas. 

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

bareMinerals ‘All Over Face Color’ – Clear Radiance (below) is a natural soft pink colour for an everyday glow with subtle shimmer and this can be swept lightly all over the face for all-over radiance. I’d say the colour is like a peachy–pink with a pearlescent shimmer that gives a really flattering, natural–looking glow to the face and I love this for both day and night.

bareMinerals ‘All Over Face Color’ – Clear Radiance

I find all these shades really flattering on my pale skin and having a variety of colours means I have enough different shades to suit what kind of make-up I’m going to be wearing it with. Even though I’m happy enough with the few I have so far, I’m obsessed with highlighters and always on the lookout for the next one to add to my collection!

What’s your favourite highlighter shade?

Anna x

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