My Summer Handbag Essentials

With the weather getting warmer and the prospect of even warmer weather on its way, I decided to have a bit of a sort out and reorganise some of the items currently in my handbag.

I was throwing in suncreams, spf lip balms and had about three pairs of sunglasses in there and ended up with a cluttered mess, so I decided to have a clear out and reorganise the contents of my handbag for summer.

summer handbag essentials

I like it being warm but for me it’s always a bit of a mither getting ready in the morning as I literally have to make sure that whatever part of my body is showing is covered in suncream as I burn so easily, even if I’ve only been out in the sun for ten minutes!

cath kidston diary

So if I’m going to be outside at any point, I always make sure I carry suncream and spf lip balms to reapply throughout the day. 

I just need to carry one suncream out with me which is handbag size so doesn’t take up too much room. I always apply suncream in the morning anyway, but I like to carry one for topping up if needed.

Lancaster sun cream spf50

I love my Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin SPF 50 Soothing Cream for face and neck and I just use this anywhere on my body if I need to reapply it. It’s one of my favourites as it absorbs really well and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky.

For lip balms, I always carry my trusted Eos Lip Balm sphere as it’s my favourite lip balm for keeping them soft throughout the day. When the weather gets really hot though and I’m going to be outside a lot, I use the Boot Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick SPF 30. I used this on holiday and it prevented my lips getting burnt, so I carry this for when I know I’ll be outside a lot for work.

eos lip balm

I always carry a mini brush and I’m loving my Victoria’s Secret brush that my boyfriends parents brought me back from holiday. It’s just a handy size and I’m always brushing my hair throughout the day, especially when it’s hot and humid out and my hair starts to feel a bit knotty. I always wrap a bobble around the handle too so I always have one handy!

Victorias Secret Brush

I like to carry a body spray around with me but I don’t generally carry perfume unless I’m going out as I find it too strong to keep spraying throughout the day, especially for work. So I use a light body spray and at the minute I’m loving the Boots Extract Vanilla Body Spray as it’s a gorgeous summery scent which is long–lasting but not too over powering.

Cath Kidston pocket mirror

My handy Cath Kidston Pocket Mirror comes everywhere with me! It’s such a cute, discreet size which fits in the palm of your hand, so I can pull it out on the go for reapplying make-up.

pocket mirror

I always carry Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray in summer as it’s a great multi–tasker and can be used for sunburns, irritations and setting make–up to name a few, but I like to spritz it over my face throughout the day when I’m feeling hot and it really refreshes and cools me down. I use it a lot on holiday but now the weathers getting warmer, it’s handy to have for keeping cool in the heat.

bareMinerals Refillable Foundation Brush

A product I love having in my handbag for convenient touch–ups of foundation is the bareMinerals Refillable Buffing Brush. It’s a handy little device that you fill up with your powder foundation and it has an open, close and buff option, so you can open to dispense some product and evenly buff over your foundation.

bareMinerals Refillable Foundation Brush

It locks securely too, so as long as you have the capsule filled with foundation securely screwed in, then it won’t spill in your bag.

bareMinerals Refillable Foundation Brush

I’ve carried mine around for years and it’s never leaked or spilled! It’s just so handy for touching up foundation on the go, and especially great during the summer when it’s hot out and you might need to touch up your foundation more regularly.

What are your handbag essentials for summer? 

Anna x

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