Products I’m Loving Lately

A few products I’ve been loving lately, some new and some favourites that I’ve started using again recently.

I’ve been really trying to use up as many of my current products as I can before purchasing new ones, as I’m moving house soon and trying to condense the amount of beauty products I have!

Products I'm Loving Lately

So I’ve been really good with saving money lately by only buying things if I really need it or if I’ve run out of something I use regularly, and also because I don’t want to be packing heavy boxes up for the move full of stuff I don’t need!

Products I'm Loving Lately

I’ve been really strict with my perfumes and used up all of my half full ones rather than having about 3–4 on the go at the same time, and I’ve managed to finish about three bottles now that I’ve been able to throw away.

So my perfume collection has really condensed and now I have 4 bottles left which consist of both day and night fragrances and I’m much happier that I have less to take with me and clutter up my dressing table!

So, as I’ve been really good at not opening new ones before using up half full ones, I’ve had a brand new bottle of Vivienne Westwood Boudoir EDP on my shelf for ages waiting to be used! It’s one of my absolute favourites and I’ve repurchased it a few times now.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir EDP

I’ve just opened this recently and so happy to have it back in my life! I can’t believe I’ve left it so long to open it, but It’s such a beautiful, delicate and summery scent that I’m glad I’ve saved it till now to use it again.

First of all the bottle is stunning and I can’t wait to display it on my new dressing table when I move in! It’s a beautiful, sweet, feminine scent that has amazing longevity; whenever I’ve worn this in the past I’ve always been able to still smell it on me by the evening. It has notes of ‘mandarin, tobacco flower and vanilla’ and has quite a ‘powdery’ scent to it, which is what I think makes this fragrance so unique.

 Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

Next up is the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution for sensitive skin. I know I’m so late to the party using this, as I’ve only just stared using it recently, but I really don’t know what I was waiting for with taking ages to finally purchase this as it’s amazing and really lives up to its rave reviews!

I’ve been mainly using this for when I stay at my boyfriends at the weekend and just need something quick to take my make-up off with cotton pads and it removes make-up so well and really quickly too!

I only have to use a few pads for make-up to be removed fully and my face feels so clean afterwards. I stick with my trusted Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish throughout the week, but this is great for a quick on the spot cleanse and is really effective at removing all traces of make-up.

Schwarzkopf got2be 2 Sexy Big Volume Hairspray

Lastly is the Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Hairspray and one of my only new purchases in absolutely ages! I had been being so strict with my beauty product spending for so long but as soon as I saw this on Leah from DevotedToPink’s Instagram page, I knew I had to try it straight away!

It’s a hairspray which adds volume and as I have quite fine hair, I really struggle with adding volume and I’m always on the lookout for volume boosting products. I use volume mousse and sprays which work for the first instance but then within an hour or so my hair just gradually goes back to normal and I end up with flat hair again!

But with this, it just works as a hairspray but actually holds the volume without making the hair sticky or tacky and it brushes out easily too. When I’ve had this in my hair and brushed it out in the evening, the next morning my hair just feels like I’ve had no product in it and doesn’t greasy at all.

With some hairsprays,  you can still feel it in your hair the next day and I hate that and it makes me want to wash my hair, so I love this product even more for that fact that it brushes out so easily! This is definitely a new purchase that I don’t regret!

Anna x

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4 thoughts on “Products I’m Loving Lately

    • The Look List says:

      Thanks for your comment! I know I can’t believe I’m so late to using Bioderma, it’s amazing! So good at taking make-up off quickly! I love that volume spray, it’s great for spraying after you’ve styled your hair to keep the volume but without the stickiness/hardness that comes with usual hairsprays x


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