Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

Waterstones Flora Organiser | My New Everyday Planner

This is a bit of a different post than usual, but I wanted to write it for two reasons: firstly; because I literally love my new organiser and wanted to show you how pretty and amazing it is, and secondly; because I wanted to write a helpful review for people looking for a similar product, as I could hardly find any detailed reviews when searching for the perfect organiser/planner!

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Top 3 Facial Exfoliators

I’ve always loved taking care of my skin and enjoy having a morning and evening skincare routine with face masks and exfoliators for a weekly pamper. I’ve always loved buying skincare products since being a teenager; trying new ones out and using those ‘peel-off’ masks which did nothing for your skin apart from the fun of peeling it off!

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