Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

Waterstones Flora Organiser | My New Everyday Planner

This is a bit of a different post than usual, but I wanted to write it for two reasons: firstly; because I literally love my new organiser and wanted to show you how pretty and amazing it is, and secondly; because I wanted to write a helpful review for people looking for a similar product, as I could hardly find any detailed reviews when searching for the perfect organiser/planner!

With organisers, diaries or any kind of file-type stationery, I love them to have compartments, sections and just generally being stuffed with loads of useful pages, so I like to see lots of images in reviews or products descriptions as I’m quite particular with what I like!

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

I was looking for an organiser which had everything I needed in one place: note paper, ‘to do’ lists, monthly planners, etc., and this Flora Oganiser by Waterstones is perfect as it contains all those pages and more.

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

I also wanted it to be convenient and this one is easy to open and close with the wire binding and the elasticated band for closing keeps the book neat in place so it doesn’t open in your bag. I much prefer wire bind styles as I find them effortlessly convenient; being able to swivel the pages right round rather than bending or folding pages over.

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

It’s really sturdy and well made and as it has a hard front and back cover, it makes it that much easier when writing on it, as it provides a flat, sturdy surface. So it’s great for writing on-the-go or on the train, and it also protects the pages in the book so will hopefully make it last a long time. It really is amazing quality and the pages are the perfect quality to write on too.

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

There are 5 sections: Monthly Planner, Budgets, To Do, Notes and Contacts. In each section there’s also a little pocket which I find really handy as they can hold any loose bits of paper you may have; train/bus tickets, receipts, shopping lists, etc. The Monthly Planner has a page for each month and space to jot down notes by each day of the month, and as it’s an undated planner it can be used for any year.

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

The Budgets section has a table for writing in summaries, amounts and an empty box to insert the date, so it’s really handy if you need to keep track of finances. I didn’t think I would be so interested in this section at first, but now I really see the value of it and how important it is to keep track of finances so you can work out budgets and savings.

I’ve recently bought a house with my boyfriend so I think it will really come in handy now as I need to keep on top of bills and spending! At least this organiser makes organising that part of my life a little more appealing!

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

The To Do and Notes pages are my favourite sections as I love writing lists! The To Do section has little tick boxes by each line which I think is great, as when I write my own lists in notebooks I actually draw these tick boxes myself! I like to tick off lists or otherwise I don’t feel like my life is in order properly. Joking, but I do love how satisfying ticking off  ‘to do’ lists make you feel!

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

The Notes section obviously contains lots of lined pages to write whatever you want and the pages are printed on both sides so more space for writing things. Lastly, there’s a Contacts section which has all the general contact information: name, phone number, email address, etc., and enough pages to store loads of contacts.

I know people usually just write all these details in their phones now, but I much prefer seeing all the contact information right in front of me for easy access. It’s also great if your job requires you to have all this information for clients, for example, so it’s all kept separately from your personal phone and all conveniently stored in one place.

Waterstones Flora Organiser, Organiser Planner

I think I’ve talked about this organiser in more detail than I’ve probably talked about anything else before, but I was just so frustrated with not being able to find many detailed reviews for this kind of product, and if you’re like me and like to see loads of images for products before you buy them, then hopefully you’ll find this useful! I actually just love carrying it around as it’s so pretty, but I know it will become really useful to me as it has everything I was looking for and I can’t wait to start using it properly! 

Anna x

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2 thoughts on “Waterstones Flora Organiser | My New Everyday Planner

  1. eloisesdiary says:

    Now that is a seriously stunning notebook! As an avid to-do list maker, I think this would be the perfect way for me to organise my days. I think I may need to head down to Waterstones now – amazing post! :) x

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