Boux Avenue House Keyring

My Work And Everyday Handbag Essentials

After a very busy few months with buying a house and starting a new job, I’m finally back to writing regular posts! Moving house has literally consumed every weekend for the past few months, but we’re nearly there and I can’t wait to share some house pictures when we finally move in!

But, back to this post and some of the handbag essentials I’ve bought recently – some which help organise my commute to work and some which are just cute new things I’ve bought to replace old ones.

Handbag Essentials

I live quite far from work at the minute so I’m getting the train until we move and I’ll be close enough to drive, so as I get the train, I wanted a cute ticket holder to keep my tickets in and obviously Cath Kidston had the answer to that!

Cath Kidston Ticket Holder

I bought this gorgeous Cath Kidston Ticket Holder for £6 and it’s got three slots to store bus and train tickets and can also be a place to keep bank cards/receipts etc.

I needed somewhere safe to store my tickets so I don’t have to rummage around in my bag looking for them – it’s bright enough to stand out in my handbag so I can grab it quickly when I’m in a rush!

It’s really sturdy and well made and like most Cath Kidston products it’s made from oilcloth, so it’s wipe-clean only and will stay in good condition for longer.
Cath Kidston Ticket Holder

The one I bought (above) isn’t on the website anymore, but I’ve put a link here and here to some similar – and just as cute – Cath Kidston Ticket Holders.

Boux Avenue House Keyring and Pocket Heart Mirror

I went into Boux Avenue for the first time the other day and can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on! I literally wanted everything! I don’t know why I’ve never thought to go in before, but I think I’ve found a new favourite store!

Boux Avenue House Keyring

I came out with a cute shorts and vest pyjama set, a keyring and pocket mirror – all things I didn’t need but seeing as I’m moving into a new house I obviously needed a new keyring for my new keys!

I just couldn’t resist this cute Boux Avenue House Keyring  – it just seemed the perfect choice for my house keys!

Waterstones Aqua Flora Notebook

I also spied this Gingham Heart Compact Mirror for £3 at the till and just wanted it because it was pink and cute and it will replace my old mirror I carry around with me.

Boux Avenue Heart Pocket Mirror

It’s also a double mirror with one magnifying side, which is really handy for applying make-up and it’s small and compact to pop away in your handbag.

I was on the lookout for a small notebook to carry around in my bag for work and just general everyday notes, and I bought the Aqua Flora Notebook by Waterstones as it’s small enough to keep stored away in a pocket in my handbag (approx. 14.5cm x 11.5cm) and has an elasticated closing so it keeps all the pages intact in my bag.

It also has a really pretty design with pink foil edges and hummingbird print inside covers so looks cute as well!

Equa BPA Free Reusable Water Bottle

I’ve been looking for a reusable water bottle to keep at work so I can fill it up from the water machine, as bringing bottles of water to work every day makes my bag really heavy and I needed to cut down how much I carry in it.

So I bought this EQUA BPA-Free Reusable Water Bottle from Amazon as it holds 0.6 litres, is BPA-free and has a handy strap to carry it around. I’m literally so glad I bought this, it’s been so nice not having to carry heavy bottles of water in my bag on my way to work!

They do loads of really lovely designs and it was hard to choose, but I ended up going for this blue universe design as I just thought it was quite pretty but simple enough for work. This one is out of stock at the minute, but there are loads of other cute designs to choose from and this dandelion one was another favourite.

What are your work and handbag essentials?

Anna x

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