No7 Make-up Brush Cleaner

No7 Make-up Brush Cleaner

I wasn’t really on the lookout for a new make-up brush cleaner, but when I came across this I really wanted to try it as it just seemed so easy and simple to use.

I read the back of it and saw that it said it’s a ‘quick fix’ for when you don’t have time to soak your brushes. It just seemed like a really great idea for those in-between stages when you want to just give your brushes a quick clean without the actual process of thoroughly cleaning them.

No7 Make-up Brush Cleaner

I do clean my brushes regularly with a make-up brush cleanser, but it’s one that you have to wash them with in the sink and it’s for a really thorough wash which I do in bulk with all my brushes so it takes ages. So with this, I liked the idea of having something to use to keep them clean in-between washes.

I find it really simple and quick to use, and I’ve found that the most beneficial way for me to use it is by spraying some on a paper towel and swirling the brush around in a circular motion until it’s as clean as it will get.

Obviously, it doesn’t get absolutely all of the make-up out, as that’s what the proper washes are for, but for those in-between stages I’ve found this product great at keeping my brushes from getting clogged up with make-up and keeping them as clean as possible in-between washes.

No7 Make-up Brush Cleaner

I find that it actually cleans a lot of product off, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the brush afterwards, which is really important.

I don’t use my brushes straight away after using it though, as they need to dry first, so I usually use this after I’ve put my make-up on and that way they are cleansed and dry ready for applying it again the next day.

I’ve found this product really useful and have got in the habit of using it a few times a week to keep my brushes as clean as possible. It just feels good knowing that my brushes aren’t getting all clogged up and they just feel nicer and fresher to use the next day.

What make-up brush cleaner do you like using?

Do you like the sound of this for those ‘in-between’ washes?

Anna x

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3 thoughts on “No7 Make-up Brush Cleaner

    • The Look List says:

      That’s the one I use for a thorough wash and love it! But this is great for giving them a quick clean Inbetween uses, and they feel cleaner and fresher to use the next day. But for a thorough wash I use the BM one :-) x

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